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Wolseley Cars
The Wolseley Sheep Shearing Machine Company was established in Sydney, Australia by Frederick York Wolseley who was an Irishman who had emigrated to Australia. A branch of this company was set up in England in 1889 with Herbert Austin returning from Australia to establish the English company as Wolseley's health declined and he died in 1899. Herbert Austin became general manager of Wolseley, and secretly designed the first Wolseley motor car in 1895 hidden from the partners of the company. In 1901 the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car company was established financed by Vickers. Car manufacture began in earnest with sales expanding and ever better models being produced. Herbert Austin managed Wolseley until 1905 when he set up his own Austin Motor Company. Wolseley were known as 'Wolseley-Siddeley for a time after buying out the Siddeley Autocar Company and installing John Davenport Siddeley as manager until 1910. The name 'Wolseley Motor Company' was only given in 1914. In 1918 Wolseley formed a joint venture in Japan, producing the first Japanese-built Wolseley in 1922 from a company that went on to become Isuzu. However, Wolseley fell on hard times in 1927, and with debts of £2million were purchased by William Morris himself, only making it a subsidiary of the Morris Motor Company in 1935. In 1938, following the acquistion of Riley and Autovia, Wolseley found itself part of the Nuffield Organisation, and in 1952 was contained within the British Motor Corporation. British Leyland axed the Wolseley badge in 1975.
aa_Wolseley 14-56 Series II badge
Wolseley 14/56 Series II - illuminated badge on grille
aa_Wolseley 18-85 Series III badge
Wolseley 18/85 Series III - illuminated badge on grille
aa_Wolseley Hornet MkIII badgea
Wolseley Hornet MkIII - grille badge
aa_Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 badge
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 - badge
ad_Wolseley 1500 MkI ornament
Wolseley 1500 MkI - bonnet ornament
ab_Wolseley 1500 Series II grille
Wolseley 1500 MkII - grille
ab_Wolseley 6-99 grille
Wolseley 6/99 - grille
ab_Wolseley Hornet 1932r Special grille
Wolseley Hornet Special 1932 - grille
ab_Wolseley Hornet MkII grille
Wolseley Hornet MkII- grille
g_Wolseley 16-60 grille
Wolseley 16/60. Grilles, lights and metal panels at the front did not change from 15/60 to 16/60
Wolseley Nine 1934-36
Wolseley Wasp front.jpg
Wolseley Hornet 1930-36
Wolseley 10/40 and Wolseley Ten
Wolseley 12/48
Wolseley 14/56 and 14/60
Wolseley 25
Wolseley Eight 1946-48
Wolseley 4/50
Wolseley 6/80
Wolseley 4/44, 15/50
Riley Pathfinder and Wolseley 6/90
Riley One-Point-Five and Wolseley 1500
Wolseley 15/60, 16/60
Wolseley 6/99, 6/110
Wolseley Hornet (ADO 15)
Wolseley 1100, 1300
Wolseley 18/85, Six
British Motor Corporation (B.M.C.)
Nuffield Organisation
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