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Wolseley Hornet 1930-36
The Wolseley Hornet was introduced in 1930, essentially a rebadged Morris Minor, but with its own 6-cylinder engine. The engine was 1271cc overhead cam and 6-cylinders, and it was also used in MG F-type, K-type, L-type and N-type. Hornet Specials were made from 1932-36 with twin carb engines that were enlarged to 1604cc in 1935. Hornets were supplied with factory saloon, open two-seater and coupe bodies, but many cars were sent to coachbuilders for their bodies. The Hornet Special was launched for the 1934 season having an underslung rear axle and chassis bracing. The engine was given a new block, a crossflow head, and an improved syncromesh gearbox. For 1935 the Wolseley Fourteen 1604cc engine was given to the Hornet. The Hornet was killed off in 1936 when Morris decided that his MG badge should carry the sporting aspirations for his cars.
aa_Wolseley Hornet badge
Wolseley Hornet - bumper badge
aa_Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 badge
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 - badge
ab_Wolseley Hornet 1932r Special grille
Wolseley Hornet Special 1932 - grille
ab_Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 ornament
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 - ornament.
ac_Wolseley Hornet 1932 head Coupe
Wolseley Hornet 1932 Coupe
ac_Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 grille
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 - grille. The 1934 car had a grille with the U-shaped chrome trim down the centre.
ad_Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 head
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934. Behind this grille was a 1271cc engine that was basically a six cylinder version of the Morris Minor 848cc engine, but with overhead camshaft.
Wolseley Hornet 1932 front Coupe
Wolseley Hornet Coupe 1932. The Wolseley Hornet was introduced in 1930 with fabric or steel saloon and also an open two-seater body. From 1932 2 and 4-seater coupes were available. This 'occassional four coupe' was in effect a 2+2.
Wolseley Hornet 1932g Special
Wolseley Hornet Special 1932
Wolseley Hornet 1932r Special front
Wolseley Hornet Special 1932
Wolseley Hornet 1932r Special rear
Wolseley Hornet Special 1932
Wolseley Hornet 1934 Special front
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934. For 1934 Wolseley made a Special with underslung rear axle and extra chassis bracing. This car carries a Eustace Watkins Daytona body
Wolseley Hornet 1934 Special frontb
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934
Wolseley Hornet 1934 Special rear
Wolseley Hornet Special with Eustace Watkins Daytona body
Wolseley Hornet 1935 front
Wolseley Hornet
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 inside
Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 - inside
x_Wolseley Hornet Special 1934 side
Wolseley Hornet Special. The underslung rear axle for 1934 allowed a lower more sporting body, provided on this car by Eustace Watkins
Wolseley Hornet (ADO 15)
Wolseley Nine 1934-36
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