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Wolseley 6/90
Riley and Wolseley developed a new model under the Nuffield Organisation that was launched after the merger of Austin and Morris into the British Motor Corporation. Gerald Palmer developed the cars. The Wolseley was launched with more conventional suspension and Austin's 2,639cc 6-cylinder Westminster engine. Launched in 1954, the 6/90 had a troublesome rear suspension that could break and cause the cars to crash, so the Series II in 1957 had leaf springs instead. In 1958 a Series III model was announced with a larger rear window and improved brakes. In 1959 the Wolseley 6/99 Farina model replaced bothe the 6/90 and Pathfinder.
aa_Wolseley 6-90 Series III badgew
Wolseley 6/90 Series III - wing badge
l_Wolseley 6-90 Series III lights
Wolseley 6/90 Series III - rear lights
Palmer Pathfinders
Palmer Pathfinders. Riley Pathfinder and Wolseley Six-Ninety, designed by Gerald Palmer
aa_Wolseley 6-90 Series I badgeb
Wolseley 6/90 Series I - badge on bonnet side
aa_Wolseley 6-90 Series III 1957 badgeb
Wolseley 6/90 Series III - badge on bootlid
aa_Wolseley 6-90 Series III 1959 badgeb
Wolseley 6/90 Series III - boot badge
ac_Wolseley 6-90 Series I head
Wolseley 6/90 Series I. The Wolseley 6/90 had a grille that stayed fixed in position, the bonnet only opening above it. Unlike the Riley Pathfinder where the bonnet carried the grille and the whole ensemble opened from the bumper upwards.
ac_Wolseley 6-90 Series III head
Wolseley 6/90 Series III. The 6/90 was originally designed as the RMH and launched as the Riley Pathfinder in 1953. Following the creation of BMC, the 6/90 was created out of the Pathfinder but re-engined with a BMC C-series unit.
Wolseley 6-90 Series I 1954 front
Wolseley Six-Ninety Series I. Built on a box section perimeter chassis, the 6/90 and the 'twin' Riley Pathfinder were designed by Gerald Palmer . However, Leonard Lord so disliked this elegant Italianate design that in the row that followed Palmer decided he must move away from what had become BMC.
Wolseley 6-90 Series I 1954 rear
Wolseley 6/90 Series I. The Italianate lines of the 6/90 were drawn by Gerald Palmer , but Leonard Lord didn't like the design.
Wolseley 6-90 Series I 1956 frontd
Wolseley 6/90 Series I 1956. Wolseley's 6/90 followed the Riley Pathfinder to market in 1954, but unlike the Riley which it's own engine, the Wolseley was given the new BMC C-type 2,639cc six cylinder 95bhp engine.
Wolseley 6-90 Series I 1956 reard
Wolseley 6/90 Series I 1956
Wolseley 6-90 Series III 1957 front
Wolseley 6/90 Series III
Wolseley 6-90 Series III 1959 front
Wolseley 6/90 Series III. The Series III was visually unchanged at the front, but underneath it got larger brakes and servo assistance. 5,052 Series III were sold
Wolseley 6-90 Series III 1959 rear
Wolseley 6/90 MkIII. Gerald Palmer's last BMC design before Leonard Lord sacked him and he moved to Vauxhall. The MkIII benefitted from improved brakes and rear suspension.
x_Wolseley 6-90 MkIII 1959 side
Wolseley 6/90 MkIII. The larger wraparound window of the MkIII introduced in 1958.
x_Wolseley 6-90 Series III 1957 tail
Wolseley 6/90 Series III. Don Hayter (designer of the MGB) revised the Wolseley 6/90 with a large wraparound rear window to create the MkIII. The Riley Two-Point-Six was given the same treatment
Wolseley 6/80
Austin ADO10 and ADO53
Designer : Gerald Palmer (1911-1999)
Ford Zodiac MkII (206E)
Humber Super Snipe Series I to VI, Humber Imperial
Morris Isis Series I, Series II
Riley Pathfinder
Vauxhall PA Cresta
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