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Nuffield Organisation
In 1938 Riley was in financial trouble and was taken over by Lord Nuffield and placed into Morris Motors which soon after became the Nuffield Organisation. At this time the Nuffield Organisation consisted of Morris Motors, the MG Car Company and Wolseley Motors, as well as Morris Commercials. Almost as soon as it was formed the Nuffield Organisation had to transform itself for war production and only resumed car production in 1945. Morris was already badge-engineering both MG and Wolseley on Morris engines and other components with shared bodies, and Riley very quickly started using the Morris parts bin although the Riley engines were retained. It was short-lived as in 1952 Leonard Lord agreed a merger with his Austin company and the Nuffield Organisation to form the British Motor Corporation.
MG TB Midget 1939 front
MG TB Midget 1939. In May 1939 the TB Midget replaced the TA. Main difference was the new 1250cc XPAG engine derived from the Morris Ten unit, but with twin carbs and 54bhp.
MG TD Midget 1951 front
MG TD Midget 1951. 'Traditional' bodywork topped a new chassis for the TD Midget in 1949, which took a base developed for the MG Y-type.
Morris Eight series E 2door front
Morris 8 Series E 2-door. Faired in headlamps were given to the Series E, the first British car to get them. 2-door and 4-door bodioes were available, and also a rare open tourer
Morris Minor Series I 1951 Tourer front
Morris Minor Series MM Tourer. From January 1951 all Series MM were given high headlights. In June 1951 the Tourer's detachable sidescreens were replaced with fixed glass and the car called "Convertible".
Morris Oxford MO 1953 front
Morris Oxford Series MO. Launched at the Earls Court Motor Show 1948, the Morris Oxford MO was a variation on the Morris Mosquito worked on by Issigonis, Jobs and Daniels during the war years. The Oxford MO had a 1476cc sidevalve engine.
Morris Six Series MS front
Morris Six Series MS. Launched in 1948 the Six Series MS was mostly a Series MO Oxford but with a longer bonnet containing a 2215cc OHC 6cylinder engine
Morris Ten Four Series III front
Morris Ten Series III. For 1938 the Series III was introduced with a 1292cc ohv engine. Radiators were painted instead of chromed and all cars were single colour instead of two tone.
Morris-Commercial J-type 1952 front
Morris-Commercial J-type 1952
Morris-Commercial PV type van 1947 front2
Morris-Commercial PV type van. The PV was designated for 15/20cwt at launch in 1939. In 1949 the much tidier J-type was launched at 10cwt capacity, and the PV was replaced in 1952 with the LD
Riley front RMA
Riley RMA. The RMA launched the Riley RM series in 1945 and carried the 1496cc overhead cam engine from the Riley 12/4.
s_MG YA side
MG YA saloon. Design work started in 1937 with Syd Enever and Alec Issigonis, but World War Two prevented the intended launch in 1941, and buyers had to wait until 1947.
s_Morris 10 Series M side
Morris 10 Series M. Introduced in 1938, the Morris 10 Series M was the first unitary construction car for Morris (the Morris 8 Series E of 1938 was also unitary construction)
Wolseley 12-48 Series III
Wolseley 12/48 Series III. Introduced in 1937 the 12/48 was revived in 1945 until replaced in 1948. The 1548 cc engine was shared with the Morris 12/4 and the MG VA and other components were also shared
Wolseley 14-60 front
Wolseley 14/60 (1938). The Wolseley 14/60 replaced the 14/56 in 1938. The uprated 1818cc six cylinder ohv engine now gave 60bhp, although in such a heavy car it was only good for 70mph.
Wolseley 6-80 side
Wolseley 6/80
x_Wolseley 4-50 side
Wolseley 4/50. Walnut and leather inside gave the Wolseley 4/50 an upmarket feel over its Morris Oxford MO sibling.
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