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Wolseley 14/56 and 14/60
Wolseley introduced the Fourteen in 1935, and in the same year the 'New Fourteen' (Wolseley NF) took its place. The NF had a shorter 99-inch wheelbase and a 1604cc overhead cam six cylinder engine (the last of the Wolseley engines). In 1936 Wolseley introduced the new 14/56, which shared its body with the Morris Fourteen and also used the same Morris 1818cc six cylinder engine but with an overhead valve head. In 1938 the 14/56 Series II was replaced by the new 14/60 which shared its body with the Morris Fourteen Series III and the Wolseley 12/48. Production ceased for the duration of the Ware, but restarted in 1946 until the new Wolseley 6/80 replaced the Series III cars.
aa_Wolseley 14-56 Series II badge
Wolseley 14/56 Series II - illuminated badge on grille
ab_Wolseley 14 grille
Wolseley Fourteen - grille
ab_Wolseley 14-56 Series II grille
Wolseley 14/56 Series II - grille
ac_Wolseley 14-56 Series II head
Wolseley 14/56 Series II (1937). Even with swept back windscreen and radiator, the Wolseley 14/56 was looking dated in 1937, and sibling Morris Twelve had already gone for a much more rounded design
Wolseley 14 side
Wolseley Fourteen. Sold in 1935 and 1936 as the 'New Fourteen'
Wolseley 14 front
Wolseley NF ('New Fourteen'). Sharing the same 1818cc sidevalve 6cyclinder engine with the Morris 14 was sold 1935-1936 when the 14/56 was introduced.
Wolseley 14-56 Series II front
Wolseley 14/56 Series II
Wolseley 14-60 front
Wolseley 14/60 (1938). The Wolseley 14/60 replaced the 14/56 in 1938. The uprated 1818cc six cylinder ohv engine now gave 60bhp, although in such a heavy car it was only good for 70mph.
x_Wolseley 14 and 12
Wolseley 14/60 Series III (left) and Wolseley 12/48 Series III (right)
Wolseley 12/48
Armstrong Siddeley fourteen
Lanchester Fourteen LA14
Rover P1
Vauxhall Fourteen Light Six
Wolseley 6/80
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