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Sports Cars
Sporting Cars from all countries
Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce front
Aston Martin DB5 front
Go to: Aston Martin DB5 . This was an evolution of the DB4 MkV soild from 1963 to 1965. The main change was mechanical and the DB5 adopted the 4litre engine from the DB4 MkV Vantage

Austin-Healey 3000 BMW 507 front
BMW 507. Created for the American market at the behest of importer Max Hoffman, the 507 was engineered by Fritz Fiedler and given a body by Count Albrecht Goertz. The chassis was developed from the BMW 502, and that car's v8 engine was developed into a 3160cc V8. Following its first airing at New York in 1955, the 507 was launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show and deliveries started in 1956.
Clan Crusader 1972 front
Clan Crusader 1972. The Crusader was developed by ex-pat Lotus engineers Paul Haussauer and Brian Luff from 1969, using a monocoque fibreglass shell like the lotus Elite
Ferrari 512 BB front
Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer . In 1976 the 365 GT4 BB (Berlinetta Boxer) was updated as the 512 BB, gaining a 4942cc V12 engine and NACA side vents

Ginetta G15 front
Ginetta G15 . Introduced in 1967 the Ginetta G15 sold more than 700 before production ceased in 1974. Standard cars had either a Hillman Imp 875cc engine or the tuned 998cc Imp engine. Suspension used Triumph Herald parts.

Jaguar XK Sports
Go to pages of: Jaguar XK 120, 140, 150.

Jaguar XJ220 front
Go to pages of: Jaguar XJ220 . Launched at the 1988 Motor Show, the XJ220 traded on the success of the XJR-9 which won the 1988 Le Mans. It also became a speculators target, ordered for a quick sell on at inflated prices.

Jensen C-V8 mkII front
Go to pages of: Jensen C-V8 MkII 1964. Eric Neale and the Jensen brothers designed the body of the C-V8 and it was introduced at Earls Court in 1962 with 361 cu in Chrysler V8 engine. Modified to become the MkII in 1963, it was given a 383 cu in engine and in 1965 became the MKIII was different lights and changed windscreen. In late 1966 the steel bodied Interceptor was introduced and the C-V8 stopped.

Go to pages of: Jensen-Healey a 1970s attempt to rekindle the 'Big Healey'

Lotus Elan S2 1965 front
Lotus Elan S2 1965. Ron Hickman is credited with the design of the Lotus Elan, which from the outset was designed to be easier and cheaper to produce than the Lotus Elite.
Lotus Europa Twin Cam 1971 front
Lotus Europa Twin Cam 1971. The Type 74 Europa finally got the Lotus-Ford Twin Cam engine that everybody clamoured for in 1971
Lotus Esprit S1 1978 front
Lotus Esprit S1. Newly formed ItalDesign exhibited a Lotus Europa-based styling exercise by Giorgetto Giugiaro at the 1972 Turin Motor Show and this became the Lotus Esprit in 1976.
Mercedes-Benz 190SL front
Go to pages of: Mercedes-Benz SL 190 The 'Sports Light' cars from Mercedes.

Go to pages of: Mercedes-Benz SL 300 The 'Sports Light' cars from Mercedes. The road-going 300SL (W198) was an evolution of the Mercedes-Benz 300 (W194) racing car. The racing W194 was a project led by Rudolf Uhlenhaut to get Mercedes-Benz back into racing after the War.

Go to pages of: MG MGC GT - In 1967 BMC thought about replacing the Austin-Healey 3000, and the fastest way was to produce a version of the 2912cc C-series engine and shove it into an MGB body.
Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2-7 Rally front
Go to pages of: Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Rally. The "Rennsport" Carrera was given a 2.7litre engine and was designed to be a practical and driveable ordinary road car AND a competitive race and rally car. Few cars achieved both roles as succesfully as this 911.

Renault Alpine A112
Go to pages of: Renault Alpine A112

Sunbeam Alpine 1953 fronto
Go to pages of: Sunbeam Alpine. The Sunbeam-Talbot 90 was already a succesful sports car in 1953 when London dealer Hartwell created a special that was to be produced from 1953-55 as the Sunbeam Alpine.

Triumph TR5
Go to pages of: Triumph TR5 and other Triumph TR Sports Cars

TVR Tuscan V6 1968 front
TVR Tuscan V6 1968. Utilising the Vixen body, itself a barely modified Grantura bodyshell, the Tuscan was given the Ford Zodiac 2994cc Essex V6 engine for the European market. This engine could not sold in America because of federal regulations, but a Vixen 2500 using a federal friendly Triumph 2.5-litre engine was sold there instead.
Racing Cars

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