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Austin Sheerline
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Jensen C-V8
The C-V8 continued the 541 line, and could have been called '541 CT', but was in the end named 'Centre Tube chassis V8'. With a chassis designed by the Jensen brothers and a body controversially styled by their own Eric Neale. It dispensed with the previous Austin 6-cylinder engine and took on a 5,916cc Chrysler V8. Launched at Earls Court in 1962, and one year later the MkII version was announced with the uprated 6276cc Chrysler V8 engine. For 1965 the body was modified with a deeper windscreen and equal sized headlamps as the MkIII which finished production in mid-1966 when the lines took up production of the Jensen Interceptor. 500 CV-8 were produced.
aa_Jensen C-V8 MkIII 1965 badger
Jensen C-V8 MkIII 1965 - badge on rear
Jensen CV8 mkII front
Jensen CV8 MkII 1964. Eric Neale and the Jensen brothers designed the body of the C-V8 and it was introduced at Earls Court in 1962 with 361 cu in Chrysler V8 engine. Modified to become the MkII in 1963, it was given a 383 cu in engine.
Jensen CV8 mkII rear
Jensen CV8 MkII 1964. This Eric Neale design can trace its heritage back to the late 1940s when Neale was coaxed from Wolseley by the Jensen brothers. The Jensen Interceptor of that time and the smaller A40 sports that Jensen built for Austin are both the ancestors of the C-V8.
Jensen CV8 mkII rear2
Jensen CV8 MkII 1964. Although a new Eric Neale design, the evolution from the Jensen 541-S and the earlier 541-R and 541 designs can be seen in the C-V8.
Jensen CV8 MkIII 1965 front
Jensen CV8 MkIII 1965. The third version of the CV8 was announced in 1965 with equal size headlamps and deleted chrome trim
Jensen CV8 MkIII 1965 rear
Jensen C-V8 MkIII 1965. Restyling for the MkIII included internal boot hinges and over riders on the bumpers.
t_Jensen CV8 mkII tail
Jensen CV8 MkII 1964
u_Jensen C-V8 MkIII 1965 side
Jensen C-V8 MkIII 1965. The C-V8 was built on a new steel chassis by Kevin Beattie and clad in an Eric Neale designed fibreglass body with aluminium doors.
u_Jensen CV8 mkII side
Jensen CV8 MkII 1964. A new 'booted' design for the CV-8, still byEric Neale
Jensen 541, 541-R, 541-S
Jensen Interceptor 1966-76
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