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Austin Sheerline
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Jensen 541, 541-R, 541-S
Eric Neale's lovely 541 took over from the Jensen Interceptor, being launched at Earls Court in 1953 and again in 1954; in production from 1954-59. A steel chassis was fitted with the 3,993cc straight six engine from the Austin Sheerline and clothed in a body made of fibreglass and aluminium, thus saving weight on the outgoing Interceptor. Apparently '541' relates to the first model of 1954. In 1956 the 541 deluxe gained Dunlop disc brakes, and in 1958 the 541-R was given a more powerful Austin engine to give the car a 125 mph top speed. The 541-S arrived in 1960 with the body widened 4-inches and a more conventional grille. The 541-S gave way to the Jensen C-V8 in 1963. Jensen built 173 of the 541 and 53 of the 541 deluxe, 193 541-R, and 127 of the 541-S.
aa_Jensen 541-R badgej
Jensen 541R - badge on bonnet
aa_Jensen 541-R badgeb
Jensen 541-R - badge in grille
aa_Jensen 541-S 1963 badgeb
Jensen 541-S 1963 - badge on grille
ab_Jensen 541-R grille
Jensen 541R. The 'grille' on the 541 and 541R has a closing panel
ac_Jensen 541 1956 head
Jensen 541. A 3993cc six cylinder engine from the Austin Sheerline was fitted to the Jensen 541. The 'grille' hides behind an opening flap bearing the '541' badge.
ac_Jensen 541-R head
Jensen 541R. In 1957 the 541R was announced with the main change being the revised DS7 version of the Austin Princess 4-litre engine giving 150bhp, but later 541Rs reverted to the earlier DS5 engine as engines were in short supply.
ac_Jensen 541-S 1963 head
Jensen 541-S 1963. Launched in 1960 the 541-S was 4-inches wider and was also taller. Power still came from the Austin DS5 3,993cc 6-cylinder triple carburettor engine.
Jensen 541 1956 front
Jensen 541 1956. The 541 inherited the inline six 3,993cc engine from the Austin Princess. The grille comprised of a unique opening flat which closed up when the engine was cold.
Jensen 541 1956 rear
Jensen 541 1956. The 541 originally had a closed boot, but late model 541 and all 541-R were given an opening bootlid.
Jensen 541-R 1958 rears
Jensen 541-R 1958. Styling of the 541-R was modestly modified by Eric Neale. Main changes were the 'eyebrows' over the wheel arches. On the 541-R the rear windows and rear side windows were made of perspex and have gone opaque with age.
Jensen 541-R front
Jensen 541-R. Introduced in 1958 as a development of the 541. Both cars featured a 3993 6-cylinder engine from the Austin Sheerline ans Austin A70 suspension. 193 were made.
Jensen 541-S 1963 front
Jensen 541-S 1963. Jensen chose to make the 541-S a bigger car for a more luxury market, and the 4-inch wider car was restyled by Eric Neale.
Jensen 541-S rear
Jensen 541-S was 4inches wider than the previous 541 cars. Rear indicators were moved to the conventional rear lamp clusters instead of on the C-pillar. Bootlid could be opened fully without obscuring vision through the rear window
l_Jensen 541-S vent
Jensen 541-S wheel
l_Jensen 541-S window
Jensen 541-S window and C-pillar now without the rear indicator lamp that was found here on earlier 541 cars
m_Jensen 541-R window
Jensen 541R. The 541, 541 deluxe, and 541 R all had this rear window wrapping around into the c-pillars. Designer Eric Neale gave the 541 this dramatic rear window and constructed it from perspex; the later 541 S had a more conventional rear window.
r_Jensen 541-S wheel
Jensen 541-S wheel
s_Jensen 541 side
Jensen 541 1956. Body design by Eric Neale , chassis from Austin A70, engine from Austin Sheerline.
s_Jensen 541-R side
Jensen 541R. The 541, 541 deluxe, and 541 R all had this rear window wrapping around into the c-pillars. Designer Eric Neale styled the 541 and it was the first British car constructed from fibreglass. The 541R has 'eye brows' over all wheel arches and a chrome strake extending from the front wing onto the doors.
s_Jensen 541-S side
Jensen 541-S was introduced in 1961 to replace the 541-R. Main visual difference is a conventional grille, and body width increased by 4inch. Mechanically the 541-S was as the 541-R and only 108 cars were built before it was replaced in 1963 by the C-V8
t_Jensen 541 tail
Jensen 541. The 541 was given a bottom hinged bootlid, but later versions of the 541R had the bootlid hinged at the top, and a shallower horizontal number plate housing replaced the 'square' one.
t_Jensen 541-R tail
Jensen 541R. The later 541R cars had a top-hinged bootlid and revised number plate housing
Jensen C-V8
Bristol 404 and 405
Designer Eric Neale
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