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Alvis TA 21, TC 21
In 1950 the TA14 was superseded by the TA21, with the body modestly refreshened front and rear. Biggest change was the new 2993cc 6-cylinder ohv engine, and independent front suspension. Mulliner provided the coachwork on the most common TA 21 saloon, and Tickford built the Drophead Coupe, whilst a few went to coachbuilders such as Graber. The TA 21 was revised and in 1953 became the TC21 with more power and modernised bodies. A special performance version was called the TC21/100 because it boasted 100bhp and could top 100mph. These were also nick-named 'Grey Lady' because that was the colour of the 1953 Earls Court Show car.
aa_Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady grille
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady. The TC 21/100 was a sportier version of the TC21, and the twin scoops above the grille hint at its 100bhp and its 100mph capability
aa_Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady hbadge
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady. These badges only appeared on the bonnet sides of the sportier version of the TC21.
ac_Alvis TA21 head
Alvis TA 21 Mulliner saloon.
ac_Alvis TC21 Grey Lady head
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady. The 'Grey Lady' has two 'scoops' above the grille to give extra cooling for the tuned engine.
ad_Alvis TA21 vents
Alvis TC21/100 Grey Lady - bonnet scoops for the 100bhp 100mph Grey Lady
Alvis TA21 front
Alvis TA 21. In 1950 the TA14 was replaced by the 2993cc six cylinder Alvis TA21 and continued until 1953
Alvis TA21 fronts
Alvis TA 21 Mulliner saloon. In 1950 the TA 21 replaced the TA 14 having a 3-litre engine. The saloon body continued but the headlamps were integrated into the wings. This body was by HJ Mulliner.
Alvis TA21 reary
Alvis TA 21 Mulliner saloon. The TA 21 was commonly given rear wheel spats
Alvis TC21 DHC front
Alvis TC21 DHC. In 1950 the TA14 was superseded by the TA21 which was mechanically similar. This was further revised and in 1953 became the TC21. This is a Tickford Coachbuilders Drophead Coupe
Alvis TC21 DHC rear
Alvis TC21 DHC. In 1953 the TA21 was replaced by the almost identical TC21 which now had concealed door hinges and more power. This Drophead Coupe is by Tickford Coachbuilders
Alvis TC21 DHC rearg
Alvis TA 21 DHC. In 1951 Alvis replaced the TA 14 with the TA 21, a wholely new car. The TA 21 had a new 2993 cc 6-cylinder engine. This Drophead Coupe is by Tickford Coachbuilders
Alvis TC21 front
Alvis TC21. Launched in 1953 as an update of the TA21, this is the HJ Mullinersaloon (there was also a drophead by Tickford). The uprated 2993cc engine now gave 100bhp
Alvis TC21 Grey Lady rearr
Alvis TC21/100 Grey Lady with HJ Mulliner saloon body
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady front
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady. The TC 21/100 was a sportier version of the TC21, given a high compression engine to make it capable of 100 miles an hour. Many were given wire wheels and bonnet scoops
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady rear
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady. The TC 21/100 saloon used the same Mulliner body as the TC21, but Mulliner was snapped up by Standard Triumph and Alvis were losing its coachbuilders.
s_Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady side
Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady. HJ Mulliner saloon body.
t_Alvis TC21-100 Grey Lady tail
Alvis TC21/100 Grey Lady
Alvis TB 14, TB 21
Alvis TC 108G
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