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Jaguar XJ220
Jaguar tries to join the Supercar Club with a promising '220mph' member, but delivery was slow in every sense. Developed as a collaboration with racing partners Tom Walkinshaw Racing, the XJ220 was a part-time project rather than mainstream. However Jim Randle always saw it as a 200mph supercar to stand against the Porsche 959 and Ferrari F40. The concept car was revealed at the 1988 British Motor Show, powered by a 6.2litre V12 engine, Ferguson Four Wheel drive made it handle and Keith Helfet designed the body. When the production version was rolled out in 1991 it was reduced to 6-cylinders and 2-wheel drive. Buyers were reluctant to accept the changes, and the 281 XJ220 took 3 years to sell.
aa_Jaguar XJ220 badge
Jaguar XJ220 - badge ahead of rear wheel
ac_Jaguar XJ220 head
Jaguar XJ220. Intended for a top speed of 220mph, the XJ220 almost made it. Top recorded speed was 217.1mph at the Nardo Circuit in Italy which survived as the fastest speeds for a production car until the MacLaren F1 hit 242 in 1994.
Jaguar XJ220 front
Go to an album of the Jaguar XJ220 supercar.
Jaguar XJ220 frontr
Jaguar XJ220. 281 XJ220 cars were sold between 1992 and 1994
Jaguar XJ220 frontx
Jaguar XJ220. Body designed by Keith Helfet
Jaguar XJ220 rear
Jaguar XJ220. Intended to be a 4WD sports car powered by a V12 engine, the production version ended up with a version of the 3.5-litre V6 engine from the Metro 6R4 Rally Car developed by Tom Walkinshaw. Although some buyers were disappointed in not having the V12, in fact the V6 was more powerful at 542bhp and the smaller engine enable better handling; this engine also served in the XJR-10, XJR-11 cars.
Jaguar XJ220 scoop
Jaguar XJ220 - side scoops into the 3.5-litre V6 engine that started life as the power for the Metro 6R4 Rally Car.
k_Jaguar XJ220 glass
Jaguar XJ220 - rear window showing the 3.5litre V6 engine beneath, which is separated from the passengers by an internal window.
s_Jaguar XJ220 side
Jaguar XJ220. Jaguar's Jim Randle created the chassis and Keith Helfet designed the bodywork for the 1988 British Motor Show car. However, by the time the car was launched for production in 1992 it had lost the scissor doors, was shortened to save weight, and had the $WD and V12 engine deleted.
t_Jaguar XJ220 tail
Jaguar XJ220. Keith Helfet designed the XJ220, originally with scissor doors. The concept was launched in 1988 with a suggested price of £381,000, but the cars delivered from 1992 were priced at £403,000 and sold slowly. 281 cars were made.
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