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Ferrari F40
Celebrating 40 years of Ferrari cars, the F40 was also a long-waited follow up to the 288 GTO and a show place for Ferrari skills at a time when competition successes were not forthcoming. Intended to be a limited edition car for hand-picked customers, the F40 actually sold 1300 copies, many went straight into storage as a future investment. Designed under Leonardo Fioravanti at Pininfarina, the F40 was an evolution of the 288GTO. Powered by a 2936cc V8 engine that was given twin turbochargers and mounted into a tubular steel frame. The body was carbon fibre, kevlar and aluminium. The F40 was presented at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show, and was the last car commissioned by Enzo Ferrari. Production continued until 1992.
aa_Ferrari F40 badge
Ferrari F40 - badge on the rear wing upright
aa_Ferrari F40 badgeb
Ferrari F40 - cavallino rampante on the tail panel
Ferrari F40 frontl
Ferrari F40. Inspite of its Kevlar, aluminium and carbon fibre, the F40 can be seen to be an evolution of the Ferrari 308 through the 288 GTO, at least in body style.
Ferrari F40 frontr
Ferrari F40. Intended to celebrate 40 years of Ferrari, and production was intended for hand chosen owners, but sales far exceeded these intentions.
Ferrari F40 rear
Ferrari F40. Debuting at the 1987 Frankfurt Show, the F40 took the 288 GTO a bit further. Powered by a 2,936 cc V8 with twin turbo chargers.
g_Ferrari F40 glass
Ferrari F40 - rear window
s_Ferrari F40 side
Ferrari F40. Debuting at the 1987 Frankfurt Show, the F40 too the 288 GTO a bit further and marked 40years of Ferrari. It also outshine the Porsche 959. Powered by a 2,936 cc V8 with twin turbo chargers. This 'limited edition' Ferrari actually sold more 1300
t_Ferrari F40 tail
Ferrari F40
v_Ferrari F40 vent
Ferrari F40 - vent from front wheel
w_Ferrari F40 wheel
Ferrari F40 - rear wheel
Designer: Leonardo Fioravanti
Ferrari Enzo - When the Ferrari Enzo went into production in 2002, it was designed to be a <Formula One car for the road>
Ferrari Enzo
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