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MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF Midgets
MG replaced the PB in 1936 with a less advanced TA that used Wolseley and Morris engines, the TB was launched in 1939 and revised for re-launched in 1945. In 1950 the chassis from the MG YA was given to the TD, and this was restyled in 1955 for the TF whilst the MGA was got ready.


ab_MG TA Midget 1938 grille
MG TA Midget 1938. Behind the grille sat a 1292cc ohv engine shared with the Morris and Wolseley Ten, but given twin carbs. The overhead cam engine of the PB ended production.

ab_MG TC Midget 1947 grille
MG TC Midget 1947. The 1250cc XPAG remained in the Midget as it progressed from TB (1939) to TC (1945), slightly better tuned.

ab_MG TD Midget 1951 grille
MG TD Midget 1951.

ac_MG TA Midget 1938 head
MG TA Midget 1938. Replacing the PB Midget, the TA had a track 3inches wider and a wheelbase 7inches longer.

ac_MG TC Midget 1947 head
MG TC Midget 1947.

ac_MG TD Midget 1951 head
MG TD Midget 1951. The TC 55bhp engine was inherited by the TD, but a 57bhp version was given to late TD Midgets

MG TA Midget 1938 front
MG TA Midget 1938. In 1936 MG replaced the PB Midget with the TA Midget. The MG engine of the PB was replaced by a 1292cc ohv unit from the Morris Ten, but given twin carbs and tuned to 50bhp.

MG TA Midget 1938 rear
MG TA Midget 1938. Available as an open Sports car from 1936, and then optionally as a Tickford Drophead Coupe. In 1936 there was also a closed Airline Coupe, but this was soon dropped

MG TB Midget 1939 front
MG TB Midget 1939. In May 1939 the TB Midget replaced the TA. Main difference was the new 1250cc XPAG engine derived from the Morris Ten unit, but with twin carbs and 54bhp.

MG TB Midget 1939 rear
MG TB Midget 1939. Launched in May 1939, production of the TB was curtailed by the War and only 379 were made.

MG TC Midget 1947 front
MG TC Midget 1947. The TB Midget from 1939 was dusted off and launched as the TC Midget in 1945. Sliding Trunnion suspension was replaced by rubber-bushed shackles.

MG TD Midget 1951 front
MG TD Midget 1951. 'Traditional' bodywork topped a new chassis for the TD Midget in 1949, which took a base developed for the MG Y-type.

MG TD Midget 1951 rear
MG TD Midget 1951. The TD Midget was given 15inch pressed steel wheels instead of the 19inch wires of previous T-types.

MG TF 1250 Midget front
MG TF Midget. In 1953 MG gave the T-Midget a couple more years of life by launching the TF to replace the TD. Gerald Palmer had proposed a new sleek design and a variation of this with traditional elements. In the end Cecil Cousins developed the TF based on a TD MkII with a sleeker front.

MG TF 1250 Midget rear
MG TF Midget

MG TF 1500 Midget badge
MG TF 1500 Midget - bonnet badge

MG TF 1500 Midget front
MG TF 1500 Midget. In 1955 the TF engine was enlarged to 1466cc to form the 'TF 1500', the final MG T-type before the MGA was launched

n_MG TA Midget 1938 interior
MG TA Midget 1938 - interior

n_MG TC Midget 1947 interior
MG TC Midget 1947. The wooden dashboard of the TA and TB gave way to a colour-matched version on the TC

n_MG TD Midget 1951 interior
MG TD Midget 1951. TD Midgets now had a 'glovebox' on the dashboard.

n_MG TF Midget 1954 lamp
MG TF Midget - rear lamp

s_MG TF 1250 Midget side
MG TF Midget. Launched in 1953 as a stop-gap model, the MG TD was face-lifted with a curious mix of 'sleek' and 'traditional'. The MG TF held the market until the MGA was launched.

t_MG TF 1250 Midget tail
MG TF Midget

w_MG TD Midget 1951 wheel
MG TD Midget 1951. Pressed steel wheels for the TD Midget.

w_MG TF Midget wheel
MG TF Midget

MG P-type Midget
MG P-type Midget
MG Midget MkI, II and III
MG Midget MkI, II and III
MG Y-type
MG Y-type
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