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MG Midget MkI, II and III
The little 'Frogeye' Sprite had to have an MG mate when it was re-incarnated as the Sprite MkII in 1961. The 1964 MkII Midget got some comforts, the 1967 MkIII got a 1275cc engine, and the Midget 1500 got a Triumph 1500 engine in 1974


aa_MG Midget 1500 badge
MG Midget 1500 - grille badge of the last MG Midget

ab_MG Midget MkII grille
MG Midget MkII - grille

ac_MG Midget MkII head
MG Midget MkII. In 1964 the MkII Midget (and MkIII Sprite) was launched. It inherited the 1098cc 55bhp engine given in 1963.

ac_MG Midget MkIIII 1975 head
MG Midget 1500. From 1974 'rubber bumpers' had to be worn, but they were plastic over a metal frame. Ride height was also raised 2inches to get the bumpers up to 'standard height' for the USA market.

MG Midget MkII front
MG Midget MkII. In 1963 the Sprite MkII and Midget MkI gained a 1098cc 55bhp A-series engine and disc brakes, and in 1964 the wind-up windows MkII Midget was launched.

MG Midget MkII rear
MG Midget MkII. In 1964 the Sprite MkIII and Midget MkII appeared with new windscreen and wind-up windows

MG Midget MkIII 1972 front
MG Midget MkIII. In 1969 a new black grille and matt black sills were given to the MkIII Midget (and Sprite MkIV)

MG Midget MkIII 1972 rear
MG Midget MkIII 1972. Rostyle wheels and more plastic trim were given to the Midget in 1969. In 1972 the rear wheel arches were changed from 'square' to round.

MG Midget MkIII 1974 front
MG Midget MkIII 1974. Rostyle wheels had been available since 1969, but wires were optional

MG Midget MkIII 1974 rear
MG Midget MkIII 1974. The split rear bumper and revised tail lights were given to the MkIII in 1972, probably to raise the bumper hieght for American markets. Round wheel arches also appeared.

MG Midget MkIIII 1975 front
MG Midget 1500. Sometimes called the 'Midget MkIV', the 1500 was launched in 1974 swapping 1275cc A-series engine for the Triumph Spitfire 1493cc unit.

MG Midget MkIIII 1975 rear
MG Midget 1500. Federal regulations required the larger 1500cc engine, and also the 'rubber bumpers' for 5mph crash protection. 'Square' rear arches also returned for extra strength.

n_MG Midget 1500 lamps
MG Midget 1500. Lights of the final 'rubber bumper' MG Midget.

n_MG Midget MkII lamp
MG Midget MkII - lights

t_MG Midget MkIIII 1975 tail
MG Midget 1500. With this tail the MG Midget continued on until its demise in 1979, its Sprite sibling had already been dropped in 1970.

Austin-Healey Sprite 1959-70
Austin-Healey Sprite 1959-70
MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF Midgets
MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF Midgets
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