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In 1955 the old-fashioned 20year old MG T-series was pensioned off by the radical new streamlined MGA, and the Austin parts bin was raided to give it a 1489cc B-series engine. A 1588cc Twin Cam version, engineered by Gerald Palmer, was offered 1958-60. In 1959 the 1588cc engine with conventional head was given to the MG MGA 1600, which gained the disc brakes of the Twin Cam at the front but not at the rear. For 1961 the 1600 MkII was offered with the engine enlarged to 1622cc and retuned. The MkII was given a new inset grille and horizontal tail lamps.


aa_MG MGA badgea
MG MGA - wing top badge
aa_MG MGA badgeb
MG MGA 1600 - wingtop badge
aa_MG MGA badgec
MG MGA 1600 MkII
aa_MG MGA Twin Cam badge
MG MGA Twin Cam - badge beside bonnet
ab_MG MGA 1500 grille
MG MGA - grille of a 1957 MkI 1500
ab_MG MGA 1600 grille
MG MGA 1600 - grille
ab_MG MGA 1600 MkII grille
MG MGA 1600 MkII - the recessed grille of the MkII
ac_MG MGA 1500 head
MG MGA 1957 MkI 1500
ac_MG MGA 1600 MkII head
MG MGA 1600 MkII
ac_MG MGA Twin Cam head
MG MGA Twin Cam
MG MGA 1500 FHC front
MG MGA 1957 MkI 1500 FHC. Replacing the T-series Midgets, the MGA gained a BMC B-series engine and was launched in 1955.
MG MGA 1500 front
MG MGA Roadster. Based on a design by Syd Enever for a 1952 MG TD racer, the MGA used a new chassis and a lower floor pan. It was given a BMC B-series engine in place of the old MG XPAG engine.
MG MGA 1500 rear
MG MGA. The sleek looking MGA was a good seller, particularly for export, where 95per cent of the 101,000 cars went.
MG MGA 1600 1960
MG MGA 1600 Roadster. Launched in 1959 the MGA was given an enlarged 1588cc engine and front discs brakes
MG MGA 1600 FHC front
MG MGA 1600 FHC rear
MG MGA 1600 FHC. MGA 1600 models now had orange indicators front and rear
MG MGA 1600 mkII front
MG MGA 1600 MkII Roadster. In 1961 the MkII was launched with a B-Series engine of 1622cc - the same as used in the 'Farina Austin' cars. The recessed grille is the identifier for the MkII
MG MGA 1600 mkII rear
MG MGA 1600 MkII Roadster. MkII cars had revised rear lamps - just Mini rear lamps on their side!
MG MGA Twin Cam front
MG MGA Twin Cam. Gerald Palmer engineered the Twin Cam engine, based on the 1489cc B-series engine with block bored out to 1588cc
MG MGA Twin Cam rear
MG MGA Twin Cam. The Twin Cam was given Dunlop disc brakes on all four wheels, and carried Dunlop centre lock steel wheels without the option for wires.
n_MG MGA 1600 MkI lamp
MG MGA 1600 FHC. 1600 rear lamps had enlarged holders that contained an orange indicator
n_MG MGA 1600 MkII lamp
MG MGA 1600 MkII. The MkII had rather clumsy rear lights pinched from the Austin Mini and mounted on their side.
s_MG MGA 1600 FHC side
s_MG MGA Twin Cam side
MG MGA Twin Cam. Gerald Palmer engineered the 1,588cc Twin Cam engine; the body in this case was by Syd Enever.
t_MG MGA 1500 tail
MG MGA 1500 Roadster. Simple single red rear lamps for the 1500 MGAs
t_MG MGA 1600 FHC tail
MG TA, TB, TC, TD and TF Midgets
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