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Jaguar Racing Cars
Sir William Lyons created the XK120-C (or 'C-type) as a race version of the Jaguar XK120. Using a 205bhp version of the Jaguar XK 3.4litre engine. Jaguar C-types won Le Mans in 1951 and 1953 and were succeeded by the D-types which won Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. Although Jaguars continued to be entered in competition, the top rank events evaded the leaping cat especially because there was no longer a factory team. In 1966 Jaguar took tentative steps towards a V12 Le Mans racer, but the XJ13 never saw the tracks. In the 1980s with partner Tom Walkinshaw Racing Jaguar again found success at Le Mans in 1988 and 1990 and the XJ220 tried to capitalise on this. Owners Ford tried to take Jaguar into Formula One for 2000-2005 but this was a dismal failure.
aa_Jaguar C-type badge
Jaguar C-type - badge. Only the C-type has this badge. When the D-type was tested at Le Mans it did not have a metal badge on the bonnet, and when one was taken from the Jaguar support car it reduced the D-type top speed by 8mph.
aa_Jaguar R1 2000 badge
Jaguar R1 2000. This is the No.18 car driven by Eddie Irvine during the 2000 season. The team scored on 4 points.
ac_Jaguar R1 2000 head
Jaguar R1 2000. Jackie Stewart's son founded, with Ford backing, the Stewart Racing Team in 1997. With Ford's help Stewart Racing switched to a Cosworth engine in 1999 and at its first race spectacularly both cars blew up at the same moment on the start grid. Ford bought the team out and branded it 'Jaguar' for 2000.
Jaguar R1 2000 front
Jaguar R1 2000. The R1 evolved out of the Stewart SF3 after Ford bought out the Stewart Racing enterprise. Gary Anderson designed the car and it was powered by a Cosworth V10 engine. In 2000 it was driven by Johnny Herbert and Eddie Irvine (this is the Irvine car). The R2 and R3 followed but at the end of 2002 Jaguar pulled the plug on a dismal result.
Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150
Jaguar C-type (XK120-C)
Jaguar D-type
Jaguar E-type Lightweight
Jaguar XJ13
Jaguar XJ220
Broadspeed Jaguar XJC V12
Jaguar XJR5 - 16
Jaguar XJ-S Racing
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