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Designer: Malcolm Sayer
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Jaguar D-type
The D-type followed onto the race track in 1954 in the wheel tracks of its predecessor the Jaguar C-type. But the D-type was not an evolution, it was a revolution, despensing with a chassis and replacing this with a monocoque body. Not only was the body aerodynamically shaped, it was also engineered using aircraft principles. Malcolm Sayers used his work as an aerodynamicist at Bristol to create this car> Disc brakes developed for the C-type went onto the D-type, as did a revised version of the XK 3.4litre engine. D-types won Le Mans in 1955, 1956 and 1957. Almost 100 D-types and XKSS variants were produced before production ended in 1957.
ac_Jaguar D-type XKD605 head
Jaguar D-type XKD605. This shows the small frontal areainsisted on by Malcolm Sayer for good aerodynamic
Jaguar D-type 1954 frontbrg
Jaguar D-type 1954
Jaguar D-type 1955 1-seater
Jaguar D-type 1955 1-seater. The more common form of the D-type is this single seater with the long tail fin, this fin had maximum speed down the Mulsanne straight at Le Mans as its goal. Jaguar D-types won the Le Mans 24 hour race in 1955, 1956 and 1957.
Jaguar D-type 1955 2-seater
Jaguar D-type 1955 2-seater. Launched in 1954 to succeed the Jaguar C-type, the D-type designed by aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer had a monocoque construction that saved weight and was more aerodynamic. This D-type is configured as a 2-seater and has the shorter tailfin.
Jaguar D-type 1955 highfin front
Jaguar D-type 1955 - shortnose with high fin
Jaguar D-type 1955 longnose rearr
Jaguar D-type 1955. Chassis XKD 133 with long nose bodywork and high speed fin
Jaguar D-type 1956 frontee
Jaguar D-type 1956. Chassis No XKD 561 supplied to Ecurie Ecosse in March 1956
Jaguar D-type 1956 frontw
Jaguar D-type 1956. Owned for a time by Jim Clark
Jaguar D-type 1956 rearjc
Jaguar D-type 1956. Chassis No XKD 517, eventually driven by Jim Clark on 20 events, winning 12 of these.
s_Jaguar D-type 1955 longnose side
Jaguar D-type 1955. Chassis XKD 133 with long nose bodywork and high speed fin
s_Jaguar D-type 1955 shortnose race
Jaguar D-type 1955 - shortnose and shortfin
s_Jaguar D-type 1955 shortnose side
Jaguar D-type 1955 - shortnose
s_Jaguar D-type XKD605 side
Jaguar D-type XKD605
Jaguar C-type (XK120-C)
Jaguar E-type Lightweight
Designer: Malcolm Sayer
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