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Carrozzeria Touring
Carrozzeria Falco was sold to two lawyers from Milan in 1926, and lawyer Bianchi Anderloni (who had been a test driver) took over design and engineering whilst his partner Gaetano Ponzoni took over the business side. Touring specialised in lightweight construction, initially with the Weymann licensed fabric covered wooden frames, but later with their very own Superleggera system. 'Super Light' was patented as 'Superleggera' in 1936 was a system of small bore tubes made to the car's shape and then covered by alloy panels. After World War Two a number of manufacturers licensed 'Superleggera', notably Aston Martin, but as the 1960s dawned monocoque construction saw manufacturers develop their own skills and turn away from coachbuilders. Touring ceased production in 1966. Carrozzeria Marazzi has revived the 'Touring' name for cars designed since 2006.
aa_Alfa Romeo 1900SS Touring Coupe badge
Alfa-Romeo 1900SS Touring Coupe 1955. Carrozzeria Touring disigned several different coupe bodies on the Alfa Romeo 1900 chassis, and built cabriolets too.
aa_Alfa Romeo 1900SS Touring Coupe 1955 badge
Alfa-Romeo 1900SS Touring Coupe 1955 - Badge on the bonnet. 'Superleggera' was Touring's own 'super-light' method of construction.
aa_Maserati 3500 GT Touring badge
Maserati 3500 GT Touring Coupe - badge
aa_Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider badgew
Alfa Romeo 2600 Spider - wing badge
Designs for
Alfa Romeo
Bristol 401 and 403
Maserati 3500 GT
Aston Martin DB4, DB5
Lancia Flaminia Touring Spider
Lagonda Rapide
Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring
Jensen Interceptor
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