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Aston Martin DB4, DB4GT
David Brown conjured up an all new car for the DB4 launched at the 1958 Paris Salon. Harold Beech engineered a new platform chassis, and the body was designed by Federico Formenti at Carrozzeria Touring using there Superleggera system. Power was provided by a new dohc 6-cylinder 3670cc engine by Tadek Marek which was said to give 240bhp on twin SUs. In 1960 the Series II cars were available with optional oil cooler below the bumper, opening rear side windows, and front-hinged bonnet. From April 1961 Series III cars were produced with triple round rear lamps in place of the Humber 'Cathedral' lamp units. Series IV cars from September 1961 have a new vertically barred grille and smaller bonnet scoop. Series V cars from September 1962 were lengthed beyond the wheelbase and the roof raised; they also gained reversing lamps. The shorter and lighter DB4GT was available from 1960 as a road legal racing car. There was also a 266bhp DB4 Vantage from late 1961. A convertible DB4 was available from the launch of the Series IV cars, styled by Aston Martin and given the longer body later shared with the Series V cars.
ac_Aston Martin DB4 Series II head
Aston Martin DB4 Series II. Series I, II, and III cars had this simple 'egg box' grille, and a large bonnet scoop. From Series II an oil cooler was commonly fitted with an aperture for it visible beneath the number plate
ac_Aston Martin DB4 Series V head
Aston Martin DB4 Series V. Series IV and V cars had a new grille with seven vertical bars. The bonnet scoop was also reduced in height. Series V cars have larger orange indicators.
Aston Martin DB4 GT front
Aston Martin DB4 GT 1960. The DB4 GT retained the 3670cc 6-cylinder engine, but it was tuned to raise power from 240bhp to 302bhp. 75 DB4 GT cars were made from 1959-64 when it was briefly replaced by the DB4 GT Zagato. The faired in headlamps were characteristic of the DB4 GT but were later taken on by the DB5 and DB6.
Aston Martin DB4 GT rear
Aston Martin DB4 GT 1960. The DB4 GT was introduced to counter the lightweight Ferrari GT cars in racing. Using thinner Aluminium panels over the Superleggera chassis, along with a shortened wheelbase, approximately 100lbs weight was saved. An even lighter version could be ordered for track use. Twin fuel fillers fed into a single tank
Aston Martin DB4 Series II frontg
Aston Martin DB4 Series II. Most DB4 Series II cars had the optional air cooler fitted with an aperture cut into the front valance beneath the bumper. This car does not have this.
Aston Martin DB4 Series II frontn
Aston Martin DB4 Series II. DB4 Series II cars had the option of an oil cooler (almost essential) and this car shows the inlet beneath the bumper for this.
Aston Martin DB4 Series II fronts
Aston Martin DB4 Series II
Aston Martin DB4 Series II rear
Aston Martin DB4 Series II
Aston Martin DB4 Series V front
Aston Martin DB4 Series V In 1962 the longer Series V was launched, retaining the 7-bar grille and smaller bonnet scoop of the Series IV. Many Series V were given the faired in headlamps of the DB4 GT.
Aston Martin DB4 Series V rear
Aston Martin DB4 Series V. The final iteration of the DB4 from 1962 had a longer tail and reversing lamps fitted into the lamp clusters
s_Aston Martin DB4 MkIV side
Aston Martin DB4 Series V. The Series V was lengthened aft of the rear wheel arch and the roof raised to give more space for back seat passengers
t_Aston Martin DB4 Series II tail
Aston Martin DB4 Series II. Series I and II cars had these 'Cathedral' style rear lamps borrowed from a Humber Hawk.
t_Aston Martin DB4 Series V tail
Aston Martin DB4 Series V. In 1962 the DB4 evolved into the longer DB4 MkV. Rear tail lamps now incorporated reversing lamps and the reflectors were moved down onto the bumper.
Aston Martin DB4, DB4GT Racing
Aston Martin DB5
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Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato
Aston Martin DP 212, 214, 215
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