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Lancia Flaminia GT and Spider
The 'Via Flaminia' is a road into the city of Rome and gave its name to the replacement for the Lancia Aurelia. Antonio Fessia was asked to design a replacement for the Vittorio Jano V6 engine, and came up with an expandable 2458cc unit. Pininfarina had 'previewed' the new Flaminia with some Aurelia-based show cars from 1955-7 and was given the job of turning his 'Florida' concepts into a 4-door 6-light saloon in 1957. Carrozzeria Touring were also asked to produce Flaminias and chose to builds the Flaminia Spider and the closed GT version of this. The Flaminia Gran Turismo coupe was shown in 1959 on the shortest of the Flaminia floorpans, and was much lighter than even the slighter longer Pininfarina Coupe. In 1960 Turing presented an open version of the GT to take the place of the intended Vignale Spider which the Lancia management did not like. In 1962 triple carburettors were fitted and the GT was given the '3C' badge. In 1963 the engine was enlarged to 2775cc and the badges changed to '3C 2.8'. A GTL version on an 8cm longer wheelbase and with 2+2 seating was offered from 1963. Production ended in 1965
aa_Lancia Flaminia GT 3C badge
Lancia Flaminia 3C GT - badge on bootlid
ac_Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring head
Lancia Flaminia 3C GT. Behind the grille Antonio Fessia was in charge of the engineering of the new Flaminia. A brand new 2458cc V6 engine was fitted to drive the front wheels, and Lancia's legendary sliding pillar front suspension was finally retired in favour of a new suspension of coils and wishbones.
Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring front
Lancia Flaminia 3C GT. Carrozzeria Touring cut the floorpan by 35cm from that of the saloon, making it the shortest Flaminia variant. 2.5 and 2.8-litre V6 engines, as with the rest of the Flaminia range, drives the front wheels.
Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring rear
Lancia Flaminia 3C GT. Carrozzeria Touring managed a distinctive design for the Flaminia GT, even whilst turning out designs for the Aston Martin DB4 and various Maseratis in the same period.
Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible frontw
Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible Carrozzeria Touring built a closed 2-seater GT and this Spider on a shortened Lancia Flaminia chassis from 1959 to about 1964 when Touring went out of business.
Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible rearw
Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible.
Lancia Flaminia Touring Spider front
Lancia Flaminia Touring Spider. Carrozzeria Touring built a closed 2-seater GT and this Spider on a shortened Lancia Flaminia chassis from 1959 to about 1964 when Touring went out of business. For a short time a GTL 2+2 coupe was also available.
n_Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible lamp
Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible - rear lamp. From 1962 the rear lamps were modified to have a reversing lamp across the middle.
n_Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible lamps
Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible - headlamps. Only Touring was brave enough to give his Flaminia quad lamps, and his 'Chinese eyes' configuration was controversial.
s_Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring side
Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring. In 1960 Lancia added the GT from Carrozzeria Touring
Carrozzeria Touring
Lancia Flaminia
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