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Designer: David Jones
David Jones trained as a sculptor and was apprenticed under Harley J. Earl at General Motors from 1932, and from 1937 to 1971 he was head of styling at Vauxhall. His first credited work was new front and rear ends for the prewar Vauxhall Twelve which was then launched after the war as the Vauxhall L-type Wyvern and Velox. His first complete car was the replacement for this L-type which was given the code the 'E-series' and launched as the Vauxhall Wyvern, Velox and eventually Cresta. However, the influence of Flint was obvious on this design which borrowed heavily from the 1949 Chevrolet/Pontiac/Oldsmobile. The biggest break for Jones came in 1957 when two of his astonishing designs were launched as the FA Victor and the PA Cresta. All is not as it may seem, because all designs had to be approved by Detroit, and although the rapid acceptance intact of the winged PA Cresta may seem a feather in his cap, David Jones perhaps borrowed extremely heavily from the 1954 Motoroma concept car the 'Pontiac Strato Streak'. With the FA Victor, a much plainer design offered as one of a pair of designs by the Jones' team was unsurprisingly rejected by head office, and the American-looking design accepted as anticipated, only to be damaged on its way to General Motors for approval and so 'repaired' and modified by the Head Office team. Jones had more autonomy with the PB Cresta, although it does look very alike the contemporary Buicks. The FB Victor had input from Gerald Palmer but even then its 'ducktail' (not carried over to the PB Cresta) had also appeared on some GM products. The HA Viva was constrained to use Opel underpinnings and thus ended up a boxy little saloon which looked strongly like its German counterpart (a portent of things to come). The FC Victor appeared to be much more European, until its similarities with the 1965 Opel Diplomat are recognised; this was designed by Leo Pruneau in Detroit, and subsequently reworked by him into the Holden HD. The Jones influence soon declined, and his planned HB Viva was totally rejected and replaced by a design from Leo Pruneau who went on to design the FD Victor and then headed up Holden design. David Jones was also responsible for the Bedford CA Van and the Bedford TK truck. David Jones retired in 1971 following poor health from 1965.
Vauxhall L-Series Wyvern and Velox 1948-51
Vauxhall E-series Wyvern, Velox and Cresta 1951-56
Bedford CA Van.
Vauxhall Victor FA
Vauxhall PA Cresta
Bedford TK and KM
Vauxhall Victor FB
Vauxhall PB Cresta
Vauxhall Victor '101' (FC)
Vauxhall Cresta 1958 rear
Vauxhall PA Cresta 1959. A new stylish body by David Jones had a 3-piece rear windscreen similar to the Buick Special 1957 The original 3-piece rear window first appeared on the 1954 Motorama concept car 'Pontiac Strato Streak' designed by Art Ross under Paul Gillan and Homer LaGassey
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