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Vauxhall Victor FB
The FB was designed by a team headed by David Jones, which also included Gerald Palmer (of Jowett Javelin and Riley Pathfinder fame). It replaced the 'Chevrolet-in-miniature' Victor FA. In 1962 Vauxhall launched the new Cresta PB and Velox PB and that body design employed the same front and rear doors of the Victor FB. Power came from an upgraded version of the 1508cc engine, but a new head and twin carbs increased this to 81bhp for the VX4/90 version. Launched in 1961, the FB Victor sold 328,000 before being replaced by the Victor FC. Standard body was a 4-door saloon or a 5-door estate car, and there was a modest restyle for 1964 with new grilles and a different side stripe for the VX4/90.
aa_Vauxhall  Victor 1964 VX4-90 badge
Vauxhall Victor 1964 VX4/90 - badge on wing. This car was branded 'VX four ninety' but very quickly called the 'VX4/90'. The name referred to the fact that it has 4 cylinders and could attain 90mph - the speed was just about true.
aa_Vauxhall Victor FB badge
Vauxhall Victor FB - front wing badge
ac_Vauxhall  Victor 1962 Deluxe head
Vauxhall Victor 1962 Deluxe. The original Victor had this quite fussy grille until the 1964 revamp. VX4/90 cars had a different grille.
ac_Vauxhall  Victor 1964 VX4-90 head
Vauxhall Victor 1964 VX4/90. The VX4/90 was given a different grille to other Victors, but this did not change for the 1964 revamp, and in any case was also used on the Canadian Envoy models. The 1964 VX4/90 had a 1594cc 85bhp engine.
ac_Vauxhall Victor 1964 head
Vauxhall Victor 1964. For 1964 the final year Victor FBs were given a modest restyle with a new grille. The engine was enlarged to 1594cc for 1964
Vauxhall  Victor 1962 VX4-90 1962 front
Vauxhall Victor 1962 VX 4/90 (FB). The Victor FB was carefully un-American after the FA suffered from being reworked by GM. David Jones was determined to exert his own ideas on this car, and together with Gerald Palmer they created the Victor FB as an autonomous design.
Vauxhall  Victor 1962 VX4-90 1962 rear
Vauxhall Victor 1962 VX4/90. The VX4/90 was also given larger rear lamps to distinguish it from the ordinary Victor, but these panels were also used on the Canadian Vauxhall Envoy model which was a big seller for the FB models.
Vauxhall Victor 1963 Deluxe front
Vauxhall Victor FB MkI. Launched in 1961 to replace the 'winged' Victor FA. It had a 1508cc engine but was revised in 1964 with a 1594cc engine. 300,000 produced
Vauxhall Victor 1963 Deluxe rear
Vauxhall Victor FB MkI. This 1963 car is just prior to the revised 1964 model which received a bigger engine and minor restyling. MkI had a 'landscape' rear number plate
Vauxhall Victor 1964 Deluxe rear
Vauxhall Victor FB deluxe 1964. The Victor was slightly revised in 1964 and gained a larger engine. Two-tone colours were available on Deluxe and Super models, but not on the standard. On the MkII the rear number plate was 'portrait'
Vauxhall Victor 1964 front
Vauxhall Victor FB MkII. This 1964 car is revised with a bigger 1594cc engine and a new grille. Disc brakes were now an option.
Vauxhall Victor 1964 VX4-90 front
Vauxhall Victor 1964 VX4/90. VX4/90 cars had a different cylinder head and twin carbs to boost power to 85bhp with the 1594cc engine. Inside the VX4/90 were bucket front seats.
Vauxhall Victor 1964 VX4-90 rear
Vauxhall Victor 1964 VX4/90. The 'sporting' character of the VX4/90 was denoted by the side stripe and the three-piece rear tail ligts.
w_Vauxhall  Victor 1962 VX4-90 lamps
Vauxhall Victor 1962 VX4/90 - rear lamps.
w_Vauxhall Victor 1962 FB side
Vauxhall Victor FB MkI. The FB was designed by a team headed by Gerald Palmer (of Jowett Javelin and Riley Pathfinder fame). It replaced the 'Chevrolet-in-miniature' Victor FA. In 1962 the front and rear doors were given to the new Cresta and Velox FB.
w_Vauxhall Victor 1962 VX 4-90 side
Vauxhall Victor 1962 VX 4/90 (FB). The original VX4/90 had this 'oar-shaped' side stripe, but for 1964 the side stripe was a simple constant height design.
w_Vauxhall Victor FB detail
Vauxhall Victor FB - fuel filler
y_Vauxhall Victor 1962 tail
Vauxhall Victor FB MkI. Early FB Victors had a landscape format number plate on the boot.
y_Vauxhall Victor 1964 tail
Vauxhall Victor FB MkII. In 1964 the FB range was revised and gained a new grille a new 'square' rear number plate in a hooded mount.
Vauxhall PB Velox and Cresta
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