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Vauxhall Cars
Vauxhall Iron Works built pumps and marine engines until 1903 when it started making cars, even some sporting ones, but the market vanished after the first World War and General Motors took the Griffin under its own wing in 1925. Vauxhall moved from the Vauxhall district of London to Luton where its main factory was built with a satellite factory at Ellesmere Port on Merseyside. From then on General Motors exerted a heavy influence on the British brand, which The General considered to be a rival for its German office of Opel. However, Detroit had control on designs, and products on both sides of the English Channel often suffered from American styling. Vauxhall survived until the War, after which they exerted some autonomy albeit with American-looking designs because only those were likely to be signed off by Detroit. By the 1960s Detroit was regarding Opel and Vauxhall to be one operation and gradually the two ranges moved closer until the failure of Vauxhall to design an acceptable Vauxhall Viva HD caused GM to impose the Opel Ascona onto Luton as the Vauxhall cavalier. After that each new Vauxhall had an almost identical sibling wearing a different badge in another country; Vauxhalls were simply British-badged Opels.
aa_Vauxhall 14-40 1926 badge
Vauxhall 14/40 1926 - badge on radiator. The Griffin was chosen as an emblem by Alex Wilson the founder of Vauxhall, although it does have some connection with the district of Vauxhall in which part of London the first Vauxhall cars were made. The Griffin was the heraldic symbol of Fulk le Breant, who eventually acquired through marriage lands in Lambeth where he built a Hall that became known as 'Fulk's Hall' and eventually corrupted to 'Vauxhall'. Fulk le Breant also had a manor at Luton where he chose the Griffin as his herald, and where 7 centuries later Alex Wilson moved his Vauxhall Cars business (with Griffin badge) in 1905.
aa_Vauxhall Cadet Cabriolet 1932 badge
Vauxhall Cadet Cabriolet 1932 - badge on radiator
aa_Vauxhall Cavalier 1977 GLS badge
Vauxhall Cavalier 1977 GLS - Badge on bonnet
aa_Vauxhall Velox badge
Vauxhall EIP Velox - bonnet badge
aa_Vauxhall Victor 1957 Super badge
Vauxhall Victor FA 1957 Super - badge on bonnet
Vauxhall Cadet VY/VX 1939-33
Vauxhall Fourteen Light Six
Vauxhall Cresta E-series, PA, PB, PC
Vauxhall E-series Wyvern, Velox and Cresta 1951-56
Vauxhall Velox 1948-65
Vauxhall Victor 1957 - 1977
Vauxhall Viva HA, HB, HC
Vauxhall Wyvern
Vauxhall Cavalier
Vauxhall Chevette (GM T-car)
Bedford Bus
Designer: David Jones
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