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Volkswagen Transporter and Microbus
The Volkswagen Commercial evolved from a little buggy (Plattenwagen) used in the Wolfsburg works and being a simple goods carrying platform vehicle sourced from VW Type 1 (Beetle) components. The launch vehicle 'Bulli' was better designed, gaining its own stronger chassis and an aerodynamic forward control body in 1950. Available as a Commercial (Van) and as a Kombi with 2 side windows and removable seats, Later in 1950 the Microbus was launched, and in 1952 the single cab pickup was added to the range. In 1967 the original split-windscreen gave way to the new 'Bay Window' model, and in 1980 this was superseded by the T3, the final rear-engined VW vehicle.
aa_VW microbus badge ac_VW microbus 1966 face
Volkswagen Microbus 1966
VW kombi 1965 front
Volkswagen Kombi 1967. The 'Kombi' was one of the 2 original launch vehicles, having side windows and removable rear seats so that it could combine passenger and goods carrying duties.
VW kombi 1965 rear
Volkswagen Kombi 1967
VW microbus 1958 front
Volkswagen Microbus 1958. The original 'people carrier', launched in 1950 and also available as the Deluxe Microbus. Indicators are flip-up devices just behind the front doors above the waistline.
VW microbus 1958 rear
Volkswagen Microbus 1958. Early cars had a central brake light and red indicator lamps at each side.
VW microbus 1966 front
Volkswagen Microbus 1966. This 1966 model still has the double 'barn doors' side doors, but from 1964 there was an optional sliding door
VW microbus 1966 rear
Volkswagen Microbus 1966. A full width rear door was fitted after 1964
VW transporter 1959 front
Volkswagen Pickup. The single cab Pickup was introduced in 1952, A crew-cab 'Doka' (Doppelkabine) was also available
i_VW microbus 1966 inside
Volkswagen Microbus 1966 - interior
Volkswagen Caravanette 1965 front
Volkswagen Caravanette 1965. Caravelle Conversion by Sundial (USA)
Volkswagen Caravanette 1965 rear
Volkswagen Type 2 Caravanette 1965. Conversion by Sundial (USA). This is the wider rear door 'T1c' body
VW Samba 1963 23-window front
VW Samba 23-window 1963. This Microbus had extra side windows and roof lights as a 'deluxe Microbus'
VW Samba 1963 23-window rear
VW Samba 23-window 1963. From 1964 a wider rear door was fiotted ('T1c') and this meant the Samba could no longer carry the corner rear windows and thus became a 21-window Samba.
VW samba 1965 21-light front
Volkswagen Samba 21 1966. The 'Samba 21' was available after 1964 as the new wider rear door did not allow the corner windows of the '23'. The "21-light" refers to the windows
VW samba 1965 21-light rear
Volkswagen Samba 21 1966. Four square windows on each side, plus the front door, plus the 4 roof lights on each side. Then there is a single window on the back and twin front windscreens = 21. Prior to 1964 a smaller rear door allowed 2 extra corner windows to make a 23-light version.
VW Transporter 1960 front
VW Transporter 1960 front. Used in Switzerland by the Fire Brigade it carried a portable pump.
VW Transporter 1960 rear
VW Transporter 1960 front. Sometimes called the 'T1b', this Transporter shows the tailgate which was given from 1955; the earlier 'T1a' merely having a large 'barn door' engine cover, and later 'T1c' having a wider rear door from 1964.
x_VW microbus 1958 tail
Volkswagen Microbus 1958
x_VW Samba 23-window 1963 tail
VW Samba 23-window 1963. The rear corner windows make this a 23-light Samba; from 1964 the wider door of the 'T1c' meant that the corner windows were deleted and only a 21-window Samba was available from that date.
x_VW Transporter 1960 tail
VW Transporter 1960 front. Before 1955 only a large 'barn door' engine cover existed at the rear. Then the engine cover was reduced for the 'T1b' and a rear tailgate given, originally for Ambulance versions, which enabled loadiing at the back.
y_Volkswagen Caravanette 1965 side
Volkswagen Type 2 Caravanette 1965. Conversion by Sundial (USA). Sundial were a small Californian company that converted VW Transporters and other vehicles into Campers from 1960-75.
y_VW microbus 1966 side
Volkswagen Microbus 1966
y_VW Transporter 1960 grille
VW Transporter 1960 - grille in rear side panel
y_VW Transporter 1960 lamps
VW Transporter 1960 - lights. Indicators were given to European versions from 1960.
VW Transporter 1967-1979
Volkswagen 'Beetle'
Volkswagen 1500 TYpe 3
Austin 152 and Morris J2 Vans
Bedford CA Van.
Commer Forward Control, FC 1500, PA, PB and Spacevan
Ford 400E forward control van and pickup
Austin, Morris, BMC J4, and Sherpa, Pilot, Convoy and Freight Rover
Standard Atlas, Leyland 15 and 20
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