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Triumph Toledo
When the Herald ceased production a cheaper car was needed, so Project Manx II re-engineered the Triumph 1300 into a new 2-door Toledo model with short-tailed body, and a more expensive long-tailed car under Project Ajax III went on sale as the Triumph 1500 in 1970. A new nose were given by Giovanni Michelotti. Under the bonnet the 1296cc 4-cylinder engine from the Triumph 1300 continued, and in some markets there were versions with twin carb and 1500cc units; but economy was the real target. The Toledo continued in 2-door and from 1971 in 4-door form until 1976. In that year the Toledo was transformed into the new Dolomite 1300 with the long-tailed body from the Triumph 1500 (now rebranded Dolomite 1500) and production continued until the closure of the Canley factory in 1980.
aa_Triumph Toledo 1972 4-door badgeb
Triumph Toledo 1972 4-door - badge on bootlid. The Toledo were given simple vertical lamp units instead of the larger horizontal ones of the Dolomite siblings
aa_Triumph Toledo 1975 2-door badgea
Triumph Toledo 1975 2-door - bade on nose
ac_Triumph Toledo 1973 4-door head
Triumph Toledo 1973 4-door. The Toledo benefitted from a frontal restyle akin to the Dolomite siblings, but was only given single rectangular lamps. Most Toledos were powered by the 1296cc 4-cylinder engine, but some export Toledos got a 1493cc version of the engine.
Triumph Toledo 1972 4-door rear
Triumph Toledo 1972 4-door. Early 2-door Toledos lacked the wraparound rear bumper.
Triumph Toledo 1973 4-door front
Triumph Toledo 1973 4-door. The 4-door Toledo gave Triumph a luxury saloon in the small car market, but hopefully at a low cost.
Triumph Toledo 1975 2-door front
Triumph Toledo 1975 2-door. In 1970 the Triumph Toledo was launched, adapting the outgoing Triumph 1300 for rear wheel drive, and creating a 2-door version not previously offered. It was given a 1296cc 4-cylinder engine from the outgoing Herald 13/60
Triumph Toledo 1975 2-door rear
Triumph Toledo 1975 2-door. In 1970 the Toledo was launched, initially as a 2-door on the UK market, intended to provide a car cheap enough to replace the Herald
v_Triumph Toledo 1972 4-door side
Triumph Toledo 1972 4-door. The 4-door Toledo was initially export only until 1971 when it became available on the UK market. The side pressings of the Toledo 4-door were the same as the outgoing Triumph 1300 models, whilst the Dolomite range had a longer boot.
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