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Triumph 1300, 1300 TC
Project Ajax commenced in 1961 after Leyland had taken over Triumph and provided development money. Harry Webster was in charge and chose to create a front wheel drive car to replace the Triumph Herald. Giovanni Michelotti was asked to design the body, and chose to scale down the Triumph 2000 body for the smaller car. However, Herald sales unexpectedly rose and so the urgency for the Ajax car was removed and the decision to market a car above the economic Herald was made. A luxury small car was born. The Triumph 1300 was launched in autumn 1965 and sales began in the new year. In 1967 the 1300 TC was launched. When the Herald ceased production a cheaper car was needed, so Project Manx II re-engineered the Triumph 1300 into a new 2-door Toledo model with short-tailed body, and a more expensive long-tailed car under Project Ajax III went on sale as the Triumph 1500 in 1970.
aa_Triumph Dolomite 1300 badge
Triumph Dolomite 1300 - badge on bootlid, also showing the horizontal rear lights which upgraded the Toledo to Dolomite.
ab_Triumph 1300TC head
Triumph 1300 TC. A 1296cc ohv 4-cylinder engine was boosted by Twin Carbs to give 75bhp the same as the Triumph Spitfire engine.
ac_Triumph Dolomite 1300 head
Triumph Dolomite 1300. In 1975 the Triumph Toledo was transformed into the Dolomite 1300, the main difference was at the rear where the small Dolomite at last inherited the 7 inch longer tail. Mechanically the 1296cc Dolomite was little changed from the rear wheel drive Toledo.
l_Triumph 1300TC lamp
Triumph 1300 - Headlamp
Triumph 1300 SC
Triumph 1300 1967. Began life in 1962 as a successor to the Herald. Project 'Ajax' chose to make a Triumph 1300cc engine front wheel drive and enveloped in a body designed by Michelotti.
Triumph 1300SC rear
Triumph 1300 1967. Launched in 1965 the Triumph 1300 supplemented the Herald as a more pricey car rather than replaced it (its original intention0. But it was expensive to build and to service, and in 1970 it was replaced by the cheaper Triumph Toledo after 113,000 built
Triumph 1300TC front
Triumph 1300 TC. In 1967 the Triumph 1300 was supplemented by the 1300 TC which carried the Spitfire-tuned engine and better brakes.
Triumph Dolomite 1300 front
Triumph Dolomite 1300. The Toledo was rebranded as the 'Dolomite 1300' in 1975, with little change in its mechanics.
Triumph Dolomite 1300 rear
Triumph Dolomite 1300. The longer 'classier' tail mated to the Triumph Toledo produces the Dolomite 1300.
Triumph Dolomite 1300 rearb
Triumph Dolomite 1300. From 1976 the Toledo, and with it the short body was discontinued. The base model was now the Dolomite 1300 with longer Dolomite body, square headlamps, long boot, 1296cc engine and simple trim
u_Triumph 1300 SC side
Triumph 1300. Michelotti's characteristic Kam-tail and peaked roof are evident here in this launch version of the 'Project Ajax' that would become Dolomites and Toledos in time.
u_Triumph Dolomite 1300 side
Triumph Dolomite 1300. In 1975 the Triumph Toledo was transformed into the Dolomite 1300, the main difference was at the rear where the small Dolomite at last inherited the 7 inch longer tail from its more expensive siblings
Triumph Herald, 1200, 12/50 and 13/60
Triumph Toledo
Giovanni Michelotti
Triumph 2000, 2000TC, 2500, 2500TC and 2500S
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