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ADO 16, The Austin, MG, Morris, Riley, Vanden-Plas and Wolseley 1100 and 1300 cars.
ADO16 was the project code given to what became the Austin/Morris 1100/1300 range with the MG/Riley/Wolseley and Vanden-Plas versions. Beginning as the Issigonis Project XC9002, it was a cut-down version of the bigger XC9001 which would become the Austin/Morris 1800 car. Sergio Pininfarina was called in to design the ADO16 body, and hence it is prettier than either the Issigonis Mini or the Issigonis 1800 cars. Morris 2 and 4 door cars were launched in August 1962 with the 1098cc A-series engine and hydrolastic suspension. In October 1962 the MG 1100 was announced, with the same body styles and a 55bhp twin carb engine. In autumn 1963 the Austin and Vanden-Plas versions of the 1100 were launched, and a year later Riley Kestrel and Wolseley 1100 versions with 55bhp engines. The 3-door Countryman and Traveller Estate cars were announced at Geneva in 1966. From June 1967 the premium brands were given the option of the 1275cc engine, and badged '1275'. In October 1967 the 1100 cars were upgraded to MkII models with more streamlined rear wings and lights, ventilated wheels, and new 1300 versions of all brands took the 175cc engine. MkIII cars appeared from autumn 1971, and production ended in summer 1974
ac_Austin 1100 MkI head
Austin 1100 MkI. Austin versions of the Morris 1100 had an Austin 'crinkle' grille, plus an Austin shield badge on the bonnet and name badge on the grille. Otherwise Austin and Morris 1100 were mechanically the same.

ac_Austin 1300 MkIII head
Austin 1300 MkIII

ac_Morris 1100 head
Morris 1100. The first of the ADO 16 models, with 1098cc A-series engine

ac_Vanden-Plas Princess  1300 head
Vanden-Plas Princess 1300. Fred Connolly (of Connolly Leather) commissioned a leather-trimmed luxury version of the Morris 1100, and BMC developed this into a Vanden-Plas 1300 exhibition car at the 1963 Motor Show. So many orders flooded in that the car was launched as a production model.

ac_Wolseley 1300 MkII head
Wolseley 1300 MkII. In June 1967 Wolseley 1100s were available with optional 1275cc engine (and '1275' badges). In October 1967 the Wolseley 1300 was launched with a 58bhp 1300 engine, and in 1968 the 1300 MkII was launched with 65bhp (60bhp for Autos).

t_Austin 1100 MkI tail
Austin 1100 MkI. The boot 'handle' above the number plate was soon reduced to a simple 'hook' around the button push.

t_MG 1300 MkII 2door tail
MG 1300 MkII 2door.

t_Morris 1300 MKIII Traveller 1971 tail
Austin 1300 Estate 1971. Austin Countryman and Morris Traveller versions of the ADO16 had been launched at Geneva in 1966. MkII and MkIII versions were not modified to take the later wings and rear lamps.

t_Riley Kestrel 1965 tail
Riley Kestrel 1965. The Kestrel name was only used from launch in 1965 to 1968, the final years used the '1300' name.

x_Vanden Plas 1100 tail
Vanden Plas 1100

ADO 17, Austin 1800/2200
ADO 16, Austin 1100/1300
MG 1100, MG 1300
MG 1100, MG 1300
MG 1100, MG 1300
Morris 1100, Morris 1300
Riley Kestrel and 1300 (ADO 16)
Riley Kestrel and 1300 (ADO 16)
Vanden-Plas Princess 1100 and 1300
Vanden-Plas Princess 1100 and 1300
Wolseley 1100 and 1300 (ADO 16)
Wolseley 1100 and 1300 (ADO 16)
ADO 17, Austin 1800/2200
ADO 17, Austin 1800/2200
Austin Maxi
Austin Maxi
BMC Mini MkI
Alec Issigonis (1906-88)
Alec Issigonis (1906-88)
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