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Austin Maxi
Project ADO 14 was intended to sell below the Austin 1800 and take over the sales of the Austin Cambridge/Morris Oxford up against the Ford Cortina. But economies dictated the use of the Austin 1800 doors and thus resulted in a car that was too big. Roy Haynes came from Ford and gave the Maxi a new nose towards improvings its looks. A new E-series aluminium engine was developed by Issigonis in 1485cc and later 1748cc versions. Launched in Portugal in 1969 as the Austin Maxi the car was troubled with technical problems. The car was hastily revised in 1970 and the 1750 version offered. A twin carb Maxi 1750 HL was offered from 1972 and a better trimmed Maxi 1750 HLS announced in 1979. Series 2 Maxis were available from 1980, but after 12months the Maxi ceased production in 1981.
aa_Austin Maxi 2 1750 HLS badge
Austin Maxi 2 1750 HLS - boot badge

ac_Austin Maxi 1 1500 head
Austin Maxi 1500. The original Maxi 1500 was given a Mini Clubman front at the last minute, and in 1970 was restyled to gain a Clubman-like centre badge.

ac_Austin Maxi 2 1750 HLS head
Austin Maxi 2 1750 HLS. In 1980 the Maxi 2 was announced with a gentle restyle that incorporated the indicators into black bumpers and reduced the centre badge

Austin Maxi1 1500 front
Austin Maxi 1500. The original 1500 Maxi did not have a central badge, this was added in 1970 by Harris Mann

Austin Maxi1 1750 HL front
Austin Maxi 1750 HL

Austin Maxi1 1750 HL rear
Austin Maxi 1750 HL

Austin Maxi2 1750 front
Austin Maxi 2 1750. Built using the doors from the Austin 1800 this made the car larger than the Ford Cortina and thus more costly to build. The overhead cam engine was troublesome too

s_Austin Maxi1 1750 HL side
Austin Maxi 1750 HL

s_Austin Maxi2 1750 side
Austin Maxi 2 1750, introduced in 1980 as a slight revamp and available in 1750 L, 1750 HL and 1750 HLS

Austin 1800, 2200 (ADO17)
Austin 1800, 2200 (ADO17)
Austin 3-litre (ADO 61)
Austin 3-litre (ADO 61)
Austin Allegro
Austin Allegro
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