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Farina Austins
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Austin 1800, 2200 (ADO17)
Austin debuted the ADO17 model in October 1964 as the 'Austin 1800' and Morris dealers had to wait until March 1966 for the Morris 1800. Both cars used a 1798cc B-series engine adapted for transverse mounting and bolted to a front wheel drive transmission. In May 1968 MkII 1800 Austin and Morris cars were launched, gaining 14inch wheels in place of 13inch (for lighter steering), and vertical fins to visually disguise the width of the car. A tuned 'S' version, which had twin carbs and a Downton cylinder head was launched in July 1969 a year after the Morris 1800S. In March 1972 the Austin 1800 range was extended as the 'Austin 2200' with a new 6-cylinder version of the Austin Maxi E-series engine. The ordinary Austin 1800 was upgraded to MkIII with new grille and trim, production ended in 1975 after 221,000 Austin 1800/2200 were sold, and the Austin 18-22 took over.
a_Austin 1800 MkI head
Austin 1800. The 'Big Mini' or 'Lancrab' Austin 1800 was launched in 1966 with a transverse 1800cc engine driving the front wheels.

Austin 1800 MkI front
Austin 1800. In 1956 Project XC9001 started to make a successor to the BMC 1500cc cars, and in 1958 this rear wheel drive design was rejigged to become a large front wheel drive car (ADO17) looking a bit like a blown up Mini, and named the Austin 1800.

Austin 1800 MkI rear
Austin 1800. From XC9001 to XC9005 and finally into ADO17, the Austin 1800. 221,000 of the Austion 1800 and later 2200 were produced

Austin 1800 MkII front
Austin 1800 Mk II. Launched in 1968 the MkII 1800s tried to address the 'lack of styling' criticism by changing the grille and adding finned rear lights

Austin 1800 MkII rear
Austin 1800 Mk II. The finned rear lights of this MkII 1800 can be seen here, and this ran from 1968 until the MkIII version in 1972.

Austin 1800 MkIII Dungannon Limousine
Austin 1800 MkIII Dungannon Limousine

l_Austin 1800 MkI headlamp
Austin 1800 MkI - headlamp

l_Austin 1800 MkI lamp
Austin 1800 - taillamp

s_Austin 1800 side
Austin 1800. Pininfarina was asked to restyle the XC9005 project and produced one study that included six light window format. This design was taken forward as the ADO17 but changed by the Austin Drawing Office into the car launched as the Austin 1800

t_Austin 1800 MkI tail
Austin 1800 MkI. This is the original unfinned tail, sometimes called 'cows hips'

t_Austin 1800 MkII tail
Austin 1800 MkII. In 1968 an attempt was made to give the 1800 'style' by adding finned taillights.

ADO 17, Austin 1800/2200
ADO 16, Austin 1100/1300
Austin Maxi
Austin Maxi
Austin 18-22, Princess 18/22, Austin Ambassador
Austin 18-22, Princess 18/22, Austin Ambassador
Austin Cambridge A55 MkII (ADO9), A60 (ADo38)
Austin Cambridge A55 MkII (ADO9), A60 (ADo38)
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