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Morris Eight Series E
Morris replaced the Minor in 1934 with the bigger 8 horsepower 'Morris Eight' In 1938 the more streamlined Morris 8 Series E was launched and continued production after the War until replaced by the Morris Minor Series MM in 1948. The Morris 8 Series E had a unitary body mounted onto a chassis, a halfway house to full monocoque construction. The core of the body was shared with the MG Y-type. A commercial version of the Morris 8 Series E was produced as the 'Morris 8 Series Z'.


aa_Morris Eight Series E badge
Morris 8 Series E - boot badge
aa_Morris Eight Series E ornament
Morris Eight Series E - bonnet ornament
ab_Morris Eight Series E grille
When introduced in October 1938, the Series ‘E’ was a major step forward for Morris as the replacement for the earlier 8hp range.
ac_Morris Eight Series E head
Morris 8 Series E. The 'waterfall' grille and fared in headlamps gave a new look to the staid Morris 8
Morris Eight 1939 Series E Tourer frontb
Morris Eight 1939 Series E Tourer
Morris Eight 1939 Series E Tourer fronto
Morris Eight 1939 Series E Tourer
Morris Eight 1939 Series E Tourer rearr
Morris Eight 1939 Series E Tourer
Morris Eight series E 2door front
Morris 8 Series E 2-door. Faired in headlamps were given to the Series E, the first British car to get them. 2-door and 4-door bodioes were available, and also a rare open tourer
Morris Eight series E 2door rear
The Series E brought a major restyle with a "waterfall" dummy grille, headlights in the wings and the running boards had gone. The car was longer, wider and heavier but the wheelbase was actually 1 inch shorter at 7 feet 5 inches. The "alligator" bonnet was now rear hinged making engine access poor. The engine was upgraded to the USHM type getting a new cylinder head, still side valve however, increased power to 29bhp and the crankshaft was counterbalanced.
Morris Eight Series E 4door front
Morris Eight Series E 4door
Morris Eight Series E 4door rear
Morris Eight Series E 4door. When production resumed in 1945 cars were sold only in Black, but more colours were available before production ceased in 1948.
n_Morris Eight Series E lamps
Morris Eight Series E - headlamp 'revised'. Postwar cars were sometimes fitted with vertical lamps on a revised front wing because the lamp was better.
s_Morris Eight series E side
Morris 8 Series E - this car has had the 'streamlined' headlamps replaced with more conventional vertical conversions - a common way to get better lighting
Morris Eight Commercials
Morris Ten Series M
Austin Eight
MG YA, YB and YT
Morris Minor, Series MM, Series II, Minor 1000
Wolseley Eight 1946-48
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