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Austin Eight
The Austin Eight meant the end of the Austin Seven; even the 'Big 7' could not make the Austin 7 a winner. Launched in 1939, the Eight improved the 900cc sidevalve engine from the Seven, but gained a new chassis and body. Dick Burzi gave the Eight the Crocodile bonnet and chrome grille that were part of the new 'Lord Look' now that Leonard Lord was in charge. There were 4 body styles at launch, a 6-light 4-door saloon (Type AR), a 4-light 2-door saloon (Type ARA), an open Tourer (Type AP), and a Van (Type AV). During the War a special military version of the tourer was made. Production restarted in 1945 but only with the AS1 4-door saloon and the AV1 Van. Sales were lively, and outsold the other pre-war carry over models. In 1947 the A40 Dorset replaced the Austin Eight, although the real replacement was the later Austin A30.
aa_Austin Eight Tourer badge
Austin Eight Tourer - bonnet badge
ab_Austin Eight Tourer grille
Austin Eight Tourer - grille
ac_Austin Eight 1939 2-door head
Austin Eight 1939 2-door. The Austin Eight had a 900cc sidevalve engine which was almost a complete reworking of the engine used in the 'Big Seven'
ac_Austin Eight Tourer head
Austin Eight Tourer. Both two and four seat Tourers were available from 1939-42.
Austin Eight 1939 2-door front
Austin Eight 1939 2-door. Launched in 1939 to replace Austin's Big seven, the Eight was available in 4 body styles, but only the 4-door saloon and the Van returned after the war, the 2-door was dropped.
Austin Eight front
Austin Eight 1946 4-door. Only the 4-door saloon (Type AS1) and the Van (Type AV1) restarted production in 1945 until replaced in 1947
Austin Eight rear
Austin Eight 1939. Ricardo Burzi had been persuaded to leave Lancia and join Austin, and his -streamlined- look was given to the Ten as well as to other Austin Models in 1939 including this Eight.
Austin Eight Tourer frontc
Austin Eight Tourer
Austin Eight Tourer fronto
Austin Eight Tourer. Launched in 1939 and available as 2-door and 4-door saloons, and 2-seat or 4-seat Tourers, the Austin Eight continued in production for military use until 1942. Production resumed in 1945 but only with 4-door saloons.
i_Austin Eight Tourer inside
Austin Eight Tourer - inside
s_Austin 8 side
Austin Eight 1939. Styled by Dick Burzi, Leonard Lord had demanded an 'American look', so an alligator bonnet and Buick grille were part of the style - which the public liked in 1939. The body was almost a monocoque, having a body with floor mounted onto a chassis.
Morris Eight Series E
Austin Ten 1932 - 1947
Austin A30/A35
Austin Big Seven
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