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Austin Big Seven
Herbert Austin had pursued a one model policy with his large Austin Twenty cars, but this American-style car was not appropriate to the British market. In 1922 the Austin Seven was launched and captured the heart of British motorists; Austin Sevens sold until 1938. Herbert Austin produced the design of the Austin Seven against the wishes of his board, and in his own time and using his own money. A new 747cc sidevalve engine was created and fitted to an A-frame chassis weighing just 360kilos. The car was an instant success and many other cheap cars and 'cyclecars' fell by the wayside against the competence of the Baby Austin. The Seven was little changed over the years, although it increased in length by 6inches in 1933, gained 4-wheel braking in 1930, and a 4-speed gearbox from 1933. Austin provided fabric-bodied tourers and later saloons, moving onto steel bodies later, and many coachbuilders also provided bodies including the famous Austin Seven Swallow. Austin Sevens were produced under licence in France as Rosengarts, in Germany as the BMW Dixi, in America as the American Austin, and in Japan as Nissan. The Seven was replaced by the 900cc 'Big Seven' which was a stopgap car before the proper Austin Eight of 1939.
ab_Austin Big Seven SixLite grille
Austin Big Seven - grille
Austin Big Seven Forlite front
Austin Big Seven. The 'Forlite' two door saloon (Type CRW) was launched in 1938, following the 'Sixlite' that had been introduced in 1937.
Austin Big Seven Forlite rear
Austin Big Seven. Based on the Austin Seven Ruby MkII, the Big Seven was 7inches longer and 3inches wider than the Austin Seven
Austin Big Seven SixLite front
Austin Big Seven. The 'Sixlite' (Type CRV) launched the Austin Big Sevens in 1937. A larger 900cc sidevalve engine took the place of the 748cc unit
Austin Big Seven SixLite rear
The 'Sixlite' four door saloon (Type CRV) was launched as the first of the Austin Big Sevens in 1937. The Type CRW 'Forlite' followed in 1938
Austin Seven
Austin Seven Vans
Austin Eight
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