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TVR Cars
TVR Engineering had started in 1947 with Trevor Wilkinson, but only a few specials were built until 1957 when true production commenced. In America Ray Saidel helped to design the TVR Jomar which sold so well it couldn't be produced fast enough and the American relationship broke down. From 1956 Layton Sports Cars Ltd produced cars with the 'TVR' badge, but Grantura Engineering took over production of bodyshells and components in 1959 with Layton doing final assembly. The first new TVR was given the name 'TVR Grantura'. Trevor Wilkinson left the company in 1962, which had already changed hands in 1961, and was in financial difficulties again in 1962. TVR was kept alive because Grantura Engineering was able to build some bodies to keep TVR ticking over. A disastrous venture to build a V8-engined Grantura MkIII as the TVR Griffith (inspired by American dealer Andrew Jackson 'Jack' Griffith) and build quality problems forced TVR into liquidation in November 1964. One more project added to the woes of TVR and that was a liaison with Carrozzeria Fissore to build the TVR Trident fastback on TVR Griffith chassis with a body designed by Trevor Fiore. American distributor Jack Griffith did not like the car, and in the collapse of TVR the Trident was effectively 'stolen' from the wreckage and produced in limited numbers as the Trident Clipper. The financial problems were resolved in a buyout by Martin Lilley who renamed the operation 'TVR Engineering'. TVR launched the Vixen in 1967 and the new M-series debuted in 1970, with TVR Taimar and Tasmin following, but financial security proved illusive and Peter Wheeler bought out the Lilleys in 1981. Peter Wheeler turned TVR cars into thundering V8s with a TVr-engineered version of the Rover V8, and later a six cylinder version too. But in July 2004 Russian Nikolay Smolensky bought out TVR, and production appears to have ended in 2006, with TVR returning to British ownership in 2013 although there is no evidence of production restarting.
aa_TVR Grantura MkIII 1964 badgea
TVR Grantura MkIII 1964. TVR badge designed by John Cookson, a friend of Trevor Wilkinson
aa_TVR S3 1990 badge
TVR S3 1990 - badge on bonnet
aa_TVR Tasmin S1 1980 badgeb
TVR Tasmin S1 1980 convertible. Bob Hallett designed the TVR logo in 1964 and this was reworked for the wedge cars.
aa_TVR Tasmin Turbo 1982 badgea
TVR Tasmin Turbo 1982. Bob Hallett designed the TVR logo in 1964 and this was reworked for the wedge cars.
aa_TVR Vixen S1 1967 badgeb
TVR Vixen S1 1967. TVR Logo was redesigned by Bob Hallett in 1964
TVR Grantura
TVR M-series
TVR S-series
TVR Taimar
TVR Tasmin
TVR Trident
TVR Tuscan
TVR Vixen
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