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Plymouth Cars
Plymouth was set up as a low price entry model into the Chrysler group in 1928, in fact re-badging the cheapest Chrysler which had started manufacture under 'Maxwell' badging. Chrysler pitched the Plymouth at Ford and Chevrolet and achieved the sales figures, but increased this even more from 1931 when every Chrysler dealer was allowed to sell Plymouths as well as other badges. KT Keller had joined the Chrysler group (from Buick) and was in charge of Dodge, but other Chrysler brands had to get Engines and assembly from Dodge, and Keller exerted control, and took over the group upon the death of Walter Chrysler. It was Keller who dictated the mundane styling of the 1949-1952 cars, and led to a recession in all Chrysler group cars until Virgil Exner got hold of the drawing board in the mid 1950s.
aa_Plymouth Belvedere 1956 4-door sport sedan badgeb
Plymouth Belvedere 1956 4-door sport sedan - badging on bonnet. The 'Mayflower' ship emblem still exists, albeit in a rather small form below the 'P L Y M O U T H' lettering. The golden 'V' beneath indicates this Belvedere had the 'Hy-fire' V8 option.
aa_Plymouth P15C Coupe 1947 badgea
Plymouth P15C Special Deluxe Club Coupe 1947 - badge on bonnet. Earlier Plymouths carried the Mayflower badge as a flying ornament on top of the bonnet (hood), but by 1947 this had become a simple badge.
aa_Plymouth P18 Special Deluxe 1949 sedan badge
Plymouth P18 Special Deluxe 1949 sedan - badge on bonnet. The Mayflower ship sits at the centre of the badge, but the bonnet still carries a stylised Mayflower ornament as 'handle'
aa_Plymouth P5 1938 5-window Coupe ornament
Plymouth P5 1938 5-window Coupe - Mayflower ornament on bonnet
aa_Plymouth P5 1938 badge
Plymouth P5 1938 5-window Coupe - badge on grille
Plymouth P5, P6
Plymouth P15 1946
Plymouth P17, P18, P19, P20
Plymouth Belvedere 1955 - 57
Plymouth Road Runner 1968-70
Plymouth Savoy 1957 - 61
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