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Morris J-type, JB and Austin 101 Vans
Manufactured from 1949 until 1961, this forward control van was based on Morris Oxford Series MO mechanics. It was updated to the B-series engine in 1957 and also sold as the Austin 101 from then on.
aa_Morris-Commercial J-type badge
Morris-Commercial J-type 1952 - badge. Early J-types were badged 'Morris Commercial' until the Austin 101 variant was launched and the 'Morris' badge given.

ab_Morris-Commercial J-type grille
Morris-Commercial J-type 1952 - grille

ad_Morris JB Van badge
Morris JB Van - badge on bonnet, no longer 'Morris-Commercial' after the Austin 101 variant was launched

ag_Morris J-type Van 1954 head
Other than a change from split spiral gear to hypoid type axle after approx 11,276 had been built, the van specification was largely unchanged until 1957. This is when the BMC 'B' Series OHV engine and 4-speed gearbox were adopted and vehicles became known as 'JB' vans or for the badge engineered Austin alternative '101 vans'.

Austin 101 Van 1957 front
1957. This is when the BMC 'B' Series OHV engine and 4-speed gearbox were adopted and vehicles became known as 'JB' vans or for the badge engineered Austin alternative '101 vans'. Production continued until 1961 (Austin and Morris chassis numbers were not separated), with a final total of 48,620.

Austin 101 Van 1957 rear
Austin 101 Van 1957

Morris J-type Van 1954 front
The 'J' Type was first shown at the 1948 Commercial Motor show, with the first production models appearing in Autumn 1949. These had a 3- speed gearbox coupled to the side-valve engine common to the MO but used a downdraught carburettor.

Morris J-type Van 1954 side
The J Type is a characterful little van that dates to the late 1940s, early 1950s. Originally powered by a sidevalve Morris (MO saloon) engine, and later propelled by the OHV BMC 1.5 engine (and renamed 'JB'). Rare today is the Austin badged version, known as the 101 and fitted with a revised front grille.

Morris J-type Van coachbuilt
Morris J-type Van

Morris JB Truck front
Morris JB Truck

Morris JB Utilibus front
Morris JB Utilibus. This J-type is the later JB with 1489cc 42bhp, B-series engine from 1957-61. It still has the Post Office specification which includes rubber wings and headlamps mounted on the body side.

Morris JB Utilibus rear
Morris JB Utilibus. The Post Office bought over 6000 J-types (about 12per cent of all J-types), and some had this Utilibus body conversion.

Morris-Commercial J-type 1952 front
Morris-Commercial J-type 1952

Morris Y-series 10cwt 1940-49
Morris Y-series 10cwt 1940-49
Morris Oxford Series MO
Morris-Commercial PV van
Morris-Commercial PV van
Morris LD Van, Austin 1ton Van
Morris LD Van, Austin 1ton Van
Austin K8 Van
Austin K8 Van
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