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Morris Six (MS)
Alec Issigonis designed the Big Morris Minors (Oxford Series MO, and Morris Six Series MS). The Wolseley 6/80 shared its new 2216cc 6-cylinder engine and most of its bodywork with the Morris Six MS. 12,000 Six MS were sold before the model gave way to the new Morris Isis. The sidevalve 2216cc engine was problematic during its lifetime, and following the merger of Austin and Morris into B.M.C. the six cylinder Morrris unit was simply dumped in favour of Austin's new C-series.


aa_Morris Six MS badge
Morris Six MS. Morris first offered a Six as the 'Oxford Six' in 1923, later there wewre more Oxford Six and Cowley Six cars, as wewll as a 'Fifteen Six' and from 1928-29 the 'Morris Six'. So the decision to call the new six cylinder version of the Morris Oxford MO as 'Morris Six' was to recall heritage.
aa_Morris Six Series MS badge
Morris Six Series MS. Badge on side of bonnet
aa_Morris Six Series MS ornament
Morris Six Series MS. Ornament above grille
ab_Morris Six Police Car grille
Morris Six Police Car. A six cylinder 2215cc overhead cam engine sat behind this grille (and a 4-cylinder 1476cc version went into the Oxford). But this advanced technology had a tendency to burn valves, and these engines got replaced by BMC engines in 1954.
ab_Morris Six Series MS grille
Morris Six Series MS. Tall front grille
ac_Morris Six Police Car head
Morris Six Police Car. 12,000 Morris Six MS cars were built from 1949-54, but only 11 cars were supplied as Police cars. This one belonged to the Chief Constable of Staffordshire
ac_Morris Six Series MS head
Morris Six Series MS. A more formal grille was given the Oxford with a Six. Problems with the engine's valves did not help the sales of this car.
Morris Six Police Car front
Morris Six Police Car. The Morris Six proved a popular Police car, but the Wolseley 6/80 with twin carburretors was preferred.
Morris Six Police Car rear
Morris Six MS Police Car
Morris Six Series MS front
Morris Six Series MS. Launched in 1948 the Six Series MS was mostly a Series MO Oxford but with a longer bonnet containing a 2215cc OHC 6cylinder engine
Morris Six Series MS rear
Morris Six Series MS. Taking a Series MO Oxford and lengthening it by 13inches to incorporate a new 6cylinder OHC engine was the recipe for the Series MS Six.
r_Morris Six Series MS glass
Morris Six Series MS. Windows on rear door.
s_Morris Six MS side
Morris Six MS. Strongly based on the Oxford Series MO, the Six Series MS had a longer bonnet and different front doors from the Oxford Series MO. In 1954 after just 12,000 sold it was replaced by the Morris Isis, another six cylinder version of a Morris Oxford.
t_Morris Six Series MS tail
Morris Six Series MS. From the rear little to differentiate between the 4cylinder Oxford and the 6cylinder Six
Morris Fourteen, Series II and Series III
Morris Oxford Series MO
Wolseley 6/80
Morris Isis Series I, Series II
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