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Lotus Cars
Colin Chapman, or to give him his full name and to understand the initials on the badge, 'Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman' formed Lotus Engineering with Colin Dare in 1952. There were always different sides to Lotus, and the racing division named 'Team Lotus' was separated in 1954. Early cars were little more than Specials customer made from whatever components came to hand. However track success demanded better design, and the same success also brought more customers. The Lotus Eleven racing car became a production model, and about the same time Lotus introduced its Lotus Elite as a production road car. Competition cars and production cars ran alongside its each through the 1960s and 1970s, with Grand Prix wins bringing in sales for the road cars. Seven Formula One Championships were notched up, and one time Lotus had won more races than Ferrari in a much shorter time period. Things went awry in the 1980s, and Colin Chapman had a controversial tie-up with John Z. Delorean over the gull-wing Delorean DMC car which failed spectacularly and took public money with it. At this point Colin Chapman died, perhaps taking some answers to his grave. Ownership of Lotus was passed around, with General Motors, Toyota and Proton trying out the Norfolk company.
aa_Lotus 6 1953 badge
Lotus 6 1953 - badge on bonnet. The original Lotus badge displays the initials of Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, and it was in the colours of yellow and green used by the Team Lotus racing cars.
aa_Lotus Elan badge
Lotus Elan Sprint - badge. The Initials are 'ACBC' standing for Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman who founded Lotus in 1948.
aa_Lotus Esprit S1 1979 badgeb
Lotus Esprit S1 1979 - badge on bootlid
aa_Lotus Esprit S3 badgeb
Lotus Esprit S3 - badge on bonnet. Lotus badges were usually green and yellow but black badges had sometimes been worn, although stories about black badges (1) to commemorate the death of Jim Clark (1972), or (2) to commemorate the death of Colin Chapman are now regarded purely as myths.
aa_Lotus Excel 1987 SA badgeb
Lotus Excel 1987 SA - badge on bonnet. From 1984 to 1986 the traditional round Lotus badge was redesigned to this 'lozenge-haped' design in black. Originally this ommitted the 'ACBC' initials for Antony Colin Bruce Chapman, but in 1986 these were put back. In 1988 a new badge was designed returning to the form and the green/yellow colours of the traditional round badge.
Lotus MkVI (Six)
Lotus MkVIII, MkIX, MkX
Lotus Eleven
Lotus Eclat (Type 76, Type 84)
Lotus Racing
Lotus Elan (Type 26, 36 and 45)
Lotus Elan Plus 2 (Type 50)
Lotus Elite (Type 14)
Lotus Elite (Type 75, Type 83)
Lotus Esprit S1, S2, S3, S4, V8
Lotus Europa (Type 46, 47, 54, 65, 74)
Lotus Excel (Type 89)
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