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Lancia Stratos
The name 'Stratos' was first given to the Lancia Stratos Zero which was an impractical design study that had a Lancia Fulvia HF engine mid-mounted, but the only door was a hinged windscreen. Marcello Gandini at Bertone was asked to re-work the Stratos Zero concept car into a Rally car, and produced something almost as extraordinary as the Stratos Zero because the Rally car did not need to be a practical every day road car. The Stratos first entered competition in 1973 winning two events in the Prototype category. During 1974 further victories followed, and the World Rally Championship was won for 1974 and also for 1975 and 1976.Around 490 Lancia Stratos cars were produced.
Lancia Stratos 1974 front
Lancia Stratos 1974. This car, chassis 1590, was sold as a road car and later converted to Rally spec for use in historic rallying.
Lancia Stratos 1974 frontm
Lancia Stratos 1974 2.4-litre V6. The Stratos usually wore pop-up headlamps, and often auxiliary lamps mounted on the bonnet or across the grille. But cars were also fitted with fixed lamps as on this example.
Lancia Stratos 1974 rear
Lancia Stratos 1974, Chassis 1590 (90th built). Ferrari Dino V6 engine
s_Lancia Stratos 1974 side
Lancia Stratos 1974 2.4-litre V6. This car shows the 'pure' profile for the early cars. From 1975 the Stratos was homologated to carry a hooped spoiler arching over the roof just behind the doors
Carrozzeria Bertone
Marcello Gandini
Dino 246 GTB, GTS
Lancia Racing
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