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Dino: Ferrari and Fiat
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Dino 246 GTB, GTS
Ferrari's small car was given the brand name 'Dino' after his dead son Alfredino Ferrari, and although racing cars had already carried this name, the road-going models were first aired in 1965. The 1965 Paris Salon exhibited a Dino 206 S Speciale by Aldo Brovarone based around the 1987cc V6 Dino engine and built on a racing Dino chassis. By the time of the Turin Salon in 1966 this car had been developed into the Dino Berlinetta GT. Further development led to the launch of the Dino 206 GT at turin in 1967 and production started in 1968 mostly by Fiat. The 2418cc 246 GT was launched in 1969, gaining 60mm in its wheelbase and losing many of its aluminium panels in favour of cheaper steel. The Dino design is attributed to Leonardo Fioravanti. Originally conceived as a homologation vehicle for its V6 engine, the 206 GT sold 152 copies, and the 246 sold 3761 (GT and Spiders). The Spyder (GTS) was launched in 1971, and the Dino 246 replaced by the Dino 308 in 1974.
aa_Dino 246 GT 1971 badge
Dino 246 GTS 1971 - bonnet badge. The small Ferrari was given the brand 'Dino' after Enzo's son who had died in 1956, but everybody called them 'Ferrari Dinos'.
aa_Dino 246 GT 1972 badge
Dino 246 GT 1972 - badge on rear panel
Dino 246 GT 1972 front
Dino 246 GT 1972. The 'Dino' badges are original. the chrome cavallino rampante is a dealer addition often fitted because 'Ferrari' was better understood than 'Dino'
Dino 246 GT 1972 rear
Dino 246 GT 1972. The third series ('E-series') Dino 246 was available from 1971 until 1974. All Dino 246 cars had a 2418cc V6 engine of 195bhp mounted transversely behind the seats.
Dino 246 GTS 1971 front
Dino 246 GTS 1973. This 'E-series' Dino GTS shows the removable targa top to turn it into a Spider
Dino 246 GTS 1971 rear
Dino 246 GTS 1971. The Targa-style Dino Spyder was introduced in 1971 with a lift-off roof panel, but was otherwise mechanically the same as the 246 GT. 1274 Spyders were sold and 2295 246 GT Dinos.
l_Dino 246GTS light
Ferrari Dino 246GTS
l_Dino 246GTS vent
Ferrari Dino 246GTS
s_Dino 246 GT side
Dino 246 GT. The open-top Dimo 246 GTS (Spider) is behind and to the left. The 246 replaced the 2-litre 206 GT in 1969 and despite its looks, the wheelbase is actually 60mm longer
t_Dino 246 GT 1972 tail
Dino 246 GT 1972. The third series ('E-series') Dino 246 was available from 1971 until 1974 and has the number plate lamp as a chrome housing pn the bottom of the engine lid.
t_Dino 246 GTS 1971 tail
Dino 246 GTS 1971. A 'Series M' Dino Spyder still with the number plate lamps huidden in the ends of the quarter bumpers.
w_Dino 246 GTS 1971 window
Dino 246 GTS 1971. The curved rear window and 'flying butresses' provided aerodynamic benefits, cooling, and body strength even if they meant poor rearward visibility. Good enough to be copied by Toyota, Jaguar ....
w_Dino 246GTS wheel
Ferrari Dino 246GTS.
Dino 206 S
Ferrari 308 GTB, GTS
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