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Jowett Cars
Jowett started business in 1906 with the Jowett brothers producing cycles and a V-twin engine to power machinery. In 1910 Benjamin and William Jowett were ready to produce their first car with a new 816cc flat twin engine of 6hp. This engine would continue in production until the company ceased trading in 1954. After the Great War production geared up, with a 907cc 7hp version of the flat twin which was the core of the Jowett Seven and Long Seven cars until the end of the 1930s. Commercial vehicle variants sold well as the torquey flat twin motor could climb its way out of almost anything, including a 3000mile transverse of a desert. Jowett introduced a flat four engine just before the Second World War, but the flat twin was the engine that restarted the company in 1946. Gerald Palmer had joined Jowett during the 1940s, and given a free hand he designed the very innovate Jowett Javelin car around a new 1500cc boxer four engine. Sadly the Jowett company were not up to the demands of the technical advances required and the cars sold proved troublesome. In 1954 Jowett turned away from car production.
aa_Jowett Eight 1937 badge1
Jowett Eight 1937 - badge on rear
aa_Jowett Javelin 1953 badge
Jowett Javelin 1953. Later Javelins had a much simpler bonnet badge and only a chrome strip without ornament.
aa_Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 badge
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 - badge on bonnet
ab_Jowett Seven Pickup 1930 grille
Jowett Seven Pickup 1930 - grille
ab_Jowett Weasel 1935 grille
After the war the company moved to the Springfield Works, Bradford Road, Idle, outside Bradford and they changed the company name to Jowett Cars Ltd. Car making started at the new factory in 1920. The first vehicle was the Seven using an enlarged version of the pre-war flat twin first to 831 cc and then to 907 cc in 1921.
Jowett Flat Twin
Jowett Seven
Jowett Eight
Jowett Ten
Jowett Javelin
Jowett Jupiter
Jowett Vans
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