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Jowett Jupiter
By 1949 the Jowett Javelin was on the market and Gerald Palmer had been persuaded back to Nuffield and his place at Jowett was taken by Roy C Lunn. The Jupiter came about as a sports car based on Javelin mechanics but developed jointly with ERA at Dunstable. Bodywork was designed by Jowett's Mr Korner and wrapped around a space-frame with engineering by Robert Eberan von Eberhorst who had designed the 1939 Auto Union GP cars. The Jupiter was exhibited at the 1950 London Motor Show and a development model won the 1½litre class and achieved a new record at the 1950 Le Mans 24hour race. 900 Jupiters were produced before Jowett pulled out of car production in 1954
aa_Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 badge
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 - badge on bonnet
ab_Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 grille
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 - grille
ac_Jowett Jupiter 1950 head
Jowett Jupiter.
Jowett Jupiter 1950 front
Jowett Jupiter. Jupiters prior to the MkIA model of 1953 had shorter bonnets
Jowett Jupiter 1950 rear
Jowett Jupiter. Jupiters prior to the MkIA model of 1953 had no external boot lid
Jowett Jupiter Joining
Jowett Jupiter Joining
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 frontb
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1952 racer
Jowett Jupiter - racing at Silverstone
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1954 front
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1954
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1954 rear
Jowett Jupiter Sports 1954
l_Jowett Jupiter 1952 inside
Jowett Jupiter 1952 - inside
l_Jowett Jupiter Sports MkIA 1952 inside
Jowett Jupiter Sports MkIA 1952 - inside
s_Jowett Jupiter 1953 side
Jowett Jupiter. Jupiter Sports cars were succesful in competition, winning their class at Le Mans in 1950, and in the 1951 Monte Carlo Rally. The silhouette of a Javelin saloon is just behind the Jupiter.
Porsche 356
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