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Porsche 356
Erwin Komenda and Ferdinand "Ferry" Porsche designed the Porsche 356 very much on the principles that together they had designed the Volkswagen Beetle. The first Porsche 356 was produced in 1948 and many of its mechanical components came from Volkswagen or were based on those designs. Take up of the 356 was slow, with only Germany and Austria being the official market, and only 50 cars sold in the first 2 years. Markets expanded, and with owners keen to use the car in motorsport the 356 grew a reputation and sales expanded. The first engine was an 1086cc boxer four engine, mid-mounted but soon to become rear-mounted; the tubular chassis of the first few cars quickly being replaced by floorpan and body just like the Beetle. Engine sizes increased, 1286cc in 1951, 1290cc in 1953, 1488cc in 1952, smaller-engined cars often remaining in production for racing at the same time as larger engines. In 1954 American importer Max Hoffman asked for a Porsche speedster to be built with a low windscreen (removable) that would be suitable for the Californian sun; this model continued until 1958 when a full convertible replaced it. From 1956 the Porsche 356A was given a one-piece windscreen, and double overhead cam engines (1498cc then 1588cc) were offered. In 1960 the third generation Porsche 356B gained more glass, higher bumpers, and powerup to 90bhp (Super 90) or 115bhp. The final 356C was offered in 1964, and the engine is being used in the 904 racer. Production ends in 1966 as the 6-cylinder 911 takes over, but the 4-cylinder engine is brought back for the Porsche 912.
ab_Porsche 356 B Coupe grille
Porsche 356 B. The twin grilles identify this 356 B as the later 1962 T6 body.
Porsche 356 1953 Cabriolet front
Porsche 356 1953 Cabriolet. This 356 is the Pre-A model, still having the bent windscreen. The 'holed' bonnet handle and the horn grilles with side lights show this to be late 1953
Porsche 356 B Cabriolet front
Porsche 356 B Cabriolet, This 356 B is the later B with the T6 body, indicated by the squared off bonnet, and 'Super' hubcaps
Porsche 356 B Coupe front
Porsche 356 B. The 356B was introduced in 1960 with the T5 body, but in 1962 the T6 body was given to the 356B.
Porsche 356 B Coupe rear
Porsche 356 B. The T6 body for this 356B is identified by the twin rear grilles and the bumper mounted number plate lamps. This 356B is later than 1962.
u_Porsche 356 B lamp
Porsche 356 B. Tear drop rear lights replaced the twinned round ones in 1957 on the T1 body and this remained on the T2-T6 bodies
u_Porsche 356 B lampf
Porsche 356 B. The T5 body introduced in 1960 saw new horn grilles and side lamps, as shown on this T6 bodied 356B
Porsche 911 1963-89
Porsche 912
Volkswagen Type 14 Karmann Ghia
BMW 507
Mercedes-Benz 190 SL (W191)
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