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Jowett Vans
The Jowett Bradford Van (1946-1953) is the most famous Jowett commercial vehicle, but its success grew from the reputation of its pre-war commercial variants. From 1922 the Jowett Seven had been available as a commercial vehicle, and its torquey flat twin 907cc engine proved ideal to low speed carriage of goods. The reputation gained ensured that a steady supply of customers wanted goods carrying versions of the Jowett Sevens throughout its production up to the War. After the War, Jowett introduced the Jowett Bradford commercial using an 8hp 1005cc version of the flat twin engine in a new body not unlike those offered by Ford and Morris. In this vehicle the Jowett flat twin engine saw out its days being in production from 1910 until 1954.
aa_Jowett Bradford badge
Jowett Bradford Truck - bonnet badge
ab_Jowett Seven Pickup 1930 grille
Jowett Seven Pickup 1930 - grille
ab_Jowett Seven Van 1937 grille
Jowett Seven Van 1937 - grille
Jowett Bradford DL Jowett Bradford front
Jowett Bradford Van. Bradford Vans were built at Idle in Bradford, and today that site is now a Morrisons supermarket
Jowett Bradford Pickup 1949 front
Jowett Bradford Pickup 1949
Jowett Bradford rear
Jowett Bradford Van.
Jowett Bradford Truck side
Jowett Bradford Truck
Jowett Bradford Utility front
Jowett Bradford Utility
Jowett Bradford Utility rear
Jowett Bradford Utility. The Jowett Van could also be supplied with windows in as a Utility, or as an estate car with a rear seat. However many vans were converted after purchase thus saving tax.
Jowett Bradford Van 1952 rear Jowett Bradford Van 1952 Jowett Bradford Van 1952b rear Jowett Bradford Van 1952b Jowett Seven Pickup 1930 front
Jowett Seven Pickup 1930
Jowett Seven Van 1937 front
Jowett Seven Van 1937. Tall vans like this Jowett were often built to transport garments so that dresses could be hung full length
Jowett Seven Van 1937 rear
Jowett Seven Van 1937.
Jowett Truck front
Jowett Seven Truck. The little 7hp engine had plenty of torque and gave good service as a commercial
s_Jowett Bradford Truck side
Jowett Bradford Truck
s_Jowett Bradford Utility 1952 side
Jowett Bradford Utility 1952. The Bradford Van was based on the pre-war Jowett Eight and was introduced in 1946, with Utility or Estate versions available from 1947
s_Jowett Bradford Utility 1953 side
Jowett Bradford Utility 1953. For the postwar Van Jowett upgraded the flat twin engine to 1,007cc
Fordson 5cwt Van
Morris Eight Commercials
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