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Designer: Gerald Palmer
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Jowett Javelin
Jowett engaged Gerald Palmer during the war, taking him from MG to the Bradford works with the intention of designing a new car suitable for the export market once the War had ended. Palmer took a clean sheet of paper and drew up a new flat four 1486cc engine and specified torsion bar suspension and other advanced engineering. He designed a 'beetle' body based on a Lincoln Zephyr and the body was contracted out to Briggs of Doncaster. The Javelin was launched in 1947 and regrettably suffered a lot of teething problems which undermined sales of the car. Jowett didn't have the resources for such an advanced car and production volumes were low. Briggs was bought out by Ford and in 1954 failing sales caused Jowett to pull out of car production.
aa_Jowett Javelin 1949 badge
Jowett Javelin 1950 - ornament. Early cars had this elaborate ornament and ring badge.
aa_Jowett Javelin 1953 badge
Jowett Javelin 1953. Later Javelins had a much simpler bonnet badge and only a chrome strip without ornament.
ac_Jowett Javelin 1949 head
Jowett Javelin 1949. Early Javelins did not have sidelamps, and also had an ornate hood ornament.
ac_Jowett Javelin 1950 head
Jowett Javelin 1950
ac_Jowett Javelin 1952 head
Jowett Javelin 1952. A flat four 1486cc 50bhp (53bhp in 1953) engine powered the Javelin.
ac_Jowett Javelin PE 1953 head
Jowett Javelin PE 1953. Later Javelins had a more open grille, less bars and no central vertical bar.
Jowett Javelin 1949 front
Jowett Javelin 1949. Early Javelins did not have sidelamps, and also had an ornate hood ornament.
Jowett Javelin 1950 detail
Jowett Javelin 1950.
Jowett Javelin 1950 front
Jowett Javelin 1950.
Jowett Javelin 1950 rear
Jowett Javelin 1950. Early Javelines had a centra stop light over the number plate.
Jowett Javelin 1952 Deluxe front
Jowett Javelin Deluxe 1952
Jowett Javelin 1952 front
Jowett Javelin 1952
Jowett Javelin 1952 rear
Jowett Javelin 1952. Later Javelins had the number plate on the rear bumper and the central brake light was replaced by lamps on the rear wings
Jowett Javelin 1953 front
Jowett Javelin 1953
Jowett Javelin 1953 race
Jowett Javelin 1953, 1500cc
Jowett Javelin Line
Jowett Javelin Line
s_Jowett Javelin 1950 side
Jowett Javelin 1950. The 'American' lines of the Javelin contrasted sharply with the upright lines of many 1940s Britisg cars, Gerald Palmer drew his inspiration from the Lincoln Zephyr V12.
s_Jowett Javelin 1952 side
Jowett Javelin 1952
s_Jowett Javelin 1952 Standard side
Jowett Javelin 1952 Standard. Body design by Gerald Palmer
t_Jowett Javelin 1952 tail
Jowett Javelin. Later Javelins had the number moved onto the rear bumper.
Designer : Gerald Palmer (1911-1999)
'Beetles' and 'Beetle-back' cars
Rambler Javelin
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