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GN Cars
HR Godfrey and AG Frazer-Nash studied engineering together and by 1906 were collaborating on a small car now known as a 'Cyclecar'; almost a motorcycle with 4 wheels and a body. First cars used a JAP V-twin or a Peugeot engine and belt drive to the rear wheels. From 1911 GN used its own 1,100cc which because the car was so light made the GN quite sporting. Early GN cyclecars used a a belt drive to the rear wheels. After World War One GN introduced a chain drive model and competition wins were too numerous to count. The French company Salmson won a licence to produce GN cycle cars under licence in France. In 1919 British Gregoire bought out GN and the partners split up in 1922, Frazer-Nash founding his own company and HR Godfrey founding HRG. The new owner brought in a 4-cylinder water-cooled DFP engine with shaft drive to the rear wheels and the GN Cyclecars continued in production for a while, however the Salmson licence expired in 1922 and Salmson went on to develop 4-cylinder cars. Austin introduced its 'Seven' in 1922 and sounded the death knell for cycle cars. GN folded in 1925
aa_GN Cyclecar 1920 badge
GN Cyclecar 1920 - badge on radiator
GN Cyclecar 1920 front
GN Cyclecar 1920
GN Gnome race 1921
GN Gnome 1921, with 1,996cc supercharged engine
GN Salmson Legere 1921 race
GN Salmson Legere 1921, with 1,098cc Salmson engine
GN and FN
GN and FN. (205) GN Thunderbug GP car with 4.3-litre JAP V-twin engine and no front brakes, racing Frazer-Nash with Ford 3,300cc engine
GN Cyclecar head
GN Cyclecar
GN Cyclecar front
GN Cyclecar, with vee-twin engine
GN JAP 1919
GN JAP 1919. Based on a 1908 car and rebuilt in 1919 with a 5,112cc engine
GN Parker 1924 front
GN Parker 1924, with 6,124cc Bristol Cirrus 4-cylinder aircraft engine.
GN Thunderbug front
GN Thunderbug, powered an 4,228cc twin engine built from a Tiger Moth aero engine.
Austin Seven
Jowett Flat Twin
Frazer-Nash Cars
HRG Cars
Stoneleigh Cars
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