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Archibald Frazer-Nash left his GN Cyclecar partnership with Henry R Godfrey in 1922 to put his efforts into Frazer-Nash. However, the business failed and was bought out by Aldington and was afterwards known as AFN Ltd even though its cars continued to be marketed as 'Frazer-Nash'. In 1934 AFN entered into an agreement with BMW and acted as importers and assemblers of these cars as 'Frazer-Nash BMW'. Frazer-Nash built its own chain drive models until 1939. After the War AFN sold Frazer-Nash cars that were a development of the pre-war BMW 328. The Bristol Aircraft Company acquired the rights to BMW after the War and launched its own range of cars based on the frame of the BMW 326 with the 328 engine. AFN still trade in other fields, and although there have been 'visions' of new Frazer-Nash cars, nothing has been produced since 1957.
aa_Frazer-Nash TT-replica 1934 badge
Frazer-Nash TT-replica 1934 - grille badge
Frazer-Nash LeMans Replica
Frazer-Nash BMW 315
Frazer-Nash BMW 319/1
Frazer-Nash BMW 326
Frazer-Nash BMW 328
Frazer-Nash BMW 319-1 badge
Frazer-Nash BMW 319/1 - badge
Frazer-Nash TT Replica chains
Frazer-Nash. This is the chain drive for which Frazer-Nash were famous, although this particular one is a little bit broken! Power comes in from the engine by a propshaft on the right of this photo (propshaft has been removed). A differential transfers that power to a shaft with toothed cogs at each end, and chains take that to the road axle (left)
Bristol-engined Frazer-Nash
Frazer-Nash LeMans Replica
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