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Ford Consul Classic 315
The Ford Consul Classic started to be designed in 1956, Colin Neale heading a team that took elements from Dearborn's Galaxie and Lincoln models. Launched in 1961 with a 1340cc version of the Anglia 4-cylinder engine, this was upgraded to 1498cc in 1962. Advanced engineering gave the Classic front wheel discs and Macpherson strut suspension. The Ford Consul Classic was launched in 2-door and 4-door versions, and some cars were converted into estate cars by ED Abbotts of Farnham.
aa_Ford Consul Classic 315 badge
Ford Consul 315 Classic - bonnet badge

ab_Ford Consul Classic badge
Ford Consul Classic 315 (109E) - rear lights

ab_Ford Consul Classic grille
Ford Consul 315 Classic - grille. The 5 stars theme originated with the Consul MkI in 1951.

Ford Consul Classic 1500 rear
Ford Consul Classic 315. In 1962 the Classic was given the 1498cc ohv engine from the Ford Cortina Super, but this did not save the car.

Ford Consul Classic 2dr front
Ford Consul Classic 315. Launched in 1961, the Ford Consul Classic was available in 2door and 4door and had a 1340cc ohv engine.

Ford Consul Classic 2dr rear
Ford Consul Classic 315. With several 'transatlantic' cues, the Ford Consul Classic appeared to be product of American Ford, but apparently it was an all British design.

Ford Consul Classic 4dr front
Ford Consul Classic 315 (109E). Borrowing the name 'Consul' because the MkIII Consul was due to be called 'Zephyr 4', Ford's mid range Classic was launched with a 1340cc engine and later given a 1498cc engine (as the 116E)

Ford Consul Classic 4dr rear
Ford Consul Classic 315 (109E). Designed to bridge the gap between Anglia and Zephyr, the Ford Consul Classic was styled by Colin Neale who denies the influence of Dearborn on the design and attributes the reverse slope rear window to a Pininfarina coupe.

g_Ford Consul Classic 2dr window
Ford Consul Classic - window (2 door)

g_Ford Consul Classic 4dr window
Ford Consul Classic 315 (109E) - windows

s_Ford Consul Classic 4dr side
Ford Consul Classic 315 (109E). Available as a 4door, 2door saloon and 335 Capri Coupe, the Ford Consul Classic bridged the gap between Anglia and Zephyr

t_Ford Consul Classic tail
Ford Consul Classic 315. After just 2years the Ford Consul Classic was pulled by Ford.
The Transatlantic styling was not liked by the British public, and as might be guessed by this view it was difficult and expensive to make.
Ford took all the best bits and put them into a car that was easier to produce; the Ford Cortina was born.

w_Ford Consul Classic wheel
Ford Consul Classic 315 (109E) - wheel

Ford Classic Capri Coupe
Ford Classic Capri Coupe
Ford Anglia (105E and 123E)
Ford Anglia (105E and 123E)
Ford Consul Cortina (113E)
Designer: Colin Neale
Ford Consul Corsair
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