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Ford Consul Corsair, Corsair V4, Corsair 2000E
Charles Thompson designed the Ford Corsair, using a lengthened Ford Cortina MkI floorpan, with the running gear, doors and engines from the Cortina 1500. Looking like a smaller angilicised version of the contemporary Ford Thunderbird the Corsair was launched at the London Motor Show in 1963 with the name 'Ford Consul Corsair'. The Consul Corsair had either a 1498cc 4-cylinder engine, or a tuned GT version of the same engine, both as fitted to the Cortina 1500. In 1965 the 'Consul' title was dropped for the relaunch of the Corsair V4 with a 1663cc V4 engine from the Transit van. This uninspiring engine was supplemented by an optional 1996cc version of the V4. Most Corsairs were 4-door saloons, but a 2-door was available for export, and Abbotts of Farnham did Estate conversions whilst Crayfords offered a 2-door convertible. In 1967 the Corsair 2000E was launched in the spirit of the Cortina 1600E, with tuned engine, trimmed body and lots of equipment. In 1970 the Ford Cortina Mk3 was launched and the 2000 models to0ok over the Corsair place in the market.
aa_Ford Consul Corsair 1500 badge
Ford Consul Corsair 1500. The Corsair followed the 'Archbishop' (Ford Cortina MkI) Project and was codenamed 'Project Buccaneer' and finally launched as the 'Consul Corsair' to associate it with the extinct Ford Consul cars.

aa_Ford Corsair 2000E badge
Ford Corsair 2000E - boot badge

ac_Ford Consul Corsair 1500 head
Ford Consul Corsair 1500. Launched in 1964, the Corsair used the 1498cc ohv Cortina engine, and was designed as an upmarket car to take the place of the Ford Classic.

Ford Corsair 2000E front
Ford Corsair 2000E - boot badge

Crayford Corsair
Ford Corsair V4 front
Ford Corsair V4

Ford Corsair V4 GT rear
Ford Corsair V4 GT. In 1965 the Corsair range were given V4 engines, and the GT got 1996cc 88bhp units. V4 GT cars were sold as 4-door saloons from 1965-67 with a 5-door Estate being available from 1966.

l_Ford Corsair lamph
Ford Corsair GT - headlight

l_Ford Corsair lampt
Ford Corsair - tailight. The front of the Corsair was styled like a Ford Thunderbird and evocative of a rocket. At the rear the tail lamps continued the theme and resembled rocket thrusters.

Ford Consul Cortina (113E)
Ford Cortina TC, TD 1970 - 1976
Ford Consul
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