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Designer: Virgil Exner
Virgil Exner gets his name from his adoptive parents, and was hired by Harley Earl at General Motors where he headed Pontiac styling. Raymond Loewy Studios hired Virgil Exner in 1938, but Loewy was a difficult man to work for so Exner worked at home supported by Studebaker's Roy Cole. Sacked by Loewy, Exner was then employed directly by Studebaker from 1944. The 1947 Champion range with its original Starlight Coupe design was solely the work of Exner even though his Raymond Loewy took credit. Exner moved to Chrysler in 1949 where he took up the 'fins' idea pioneered by Harley Earl on the 1948 Cadillac models, with Exner's answer first appearing on 1955 Chryslers. From 1957 Exner gave Chrysler the 'Forward Look' style with long bonnet and short boot, and both GM and Ford were required to respond to this style leadership. Exner's influence on Chrysler designs declined after 1962, and he fell out with the management when 1962 models were forcibly downsized. Even though Exner was sacked in November 1961 it was too late to alter the 1963 cars, and his replacement Elwood Engel actually liked the designs, so the 'retired' Exner found his work launched as the 1963 Chryslers. Exner was soon engaged on consultancy work outside Mopar. Virgil Exner died in 1973 after a heart attack.
Studebaker Champion
Plymouth Belvedere 1955 - 57
Chrysler 'Forward Look' 1955-1961
Chrysler 300 'Letter Cars'
Chrysler New Yorker
Raymond Loewy Studios
Chrysler 300 1960 - 1966
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