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Chrysler 'Forward Look'
Designer: Virgil Exner
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Chrysler 300 'Letter Cars'
Chrysler introduced what would become known as the 'Letter Cars' with the C300 in 1955. The C300 was something of a limited edition model with just 1725 cars produced, and its specification was intended to make it competitive in NASCAR racing. Powered by a 5.4-litre 'FirePower' V8 with hemispherical combustion chambers, this was rated at up to 355 bhp and was the most powerful car in America for a few years. The C300 bodywork was from the 'Forward Look' stable, actually comprised of a New Yorker hardtop with Imperial front and Windsor rear. For the 1956 300B engine power was raised with a 5.8-litre Hemi V8. The new Chrysler winged body by Virgil Exner was given to the 300C in 1957. Options now included a 6.4-litre 375 bhp engine and a convertible body. The famous Hemi V8 last appeared in the 1958 300D, now tuned to 380bhp as standard, although a few injected cars had higher outputs. Sales were much lower, due in part to a recession in American car sales and adverse reaction to the poor build quality of 1957 Chrysler Group cars. The 1959 300E looked similar to the 300C/300D but was now powered by the 6.8-litre 'wedge head' V8. This was replaced for 1960 with the 300F that got a more powerful 6.8-litre 'Wedge-head' V8, and the 300F also gained new unitary body.
aa_Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 badge
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 - badge on rear flanks. Now called the the 'Letter Cars', the series began with the 'C300' in 1955 - indicating a 300 bhp Coupe. In 1956 there was the '300B' and in 1957 the big-winged '300C' with the '300D' following in 1958. The final car in the series was the '300L' in 1971
ab_Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 grille
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 - grille
ac_Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 head
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958. A 5.8-litre Chrysler Hemi V8 powered the 300D giving up to 390bhp depending on tune and whether injected or not. But this was the final year of the Hemi and 1959 cars (the '300E') were given a larger 'wedge-head' motor.
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 front
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958. Chrysler introduced the 300 series in 1955, and for 1957 the 300C was given a new winged body, and a 6.4-litre Hemi V8 engine. There were some revisions for the 1958 300D and engine power went up to 380bhp. A few engines were given fuel injection but these were problematic and it is believed thet were recalled and fitted with twin 4-barrel carbs instead.
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 rear
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958. Chrysler introduced the 300 series in 1955, and for 1957 the 300C was given a new winged body. Virgil Exner designed the new body, and the large rear wings were claimed to aid straight line stability. The body was in fact based on the New Yorker and was only offered as a convertible (191) or a hardtop (618).
l_Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 lamp
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 - rear lamps. The Chrysler 300C and 300D was given the same tall fins as all other Chrysler models, but for 1958 smaller rear lamps which did not fit the fin cowling were installed.
w_Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 wheel
Chrysler 300D Hardtop 1958 - rear wheel
Chrysler New Yorker
Chrysler 'Forward Look' 1955-1961
Chrysler 300 1963-65
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