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Dormobile (Martin Walter)
Martin Walter was founded in 1773 supplying harnesses for horses and then building carriages and coaches. They moved onto automobile coachwork and supplied bodies to Vauxhall, Daimler, Rolls-Royce and other manufacturers. Martin Walter also put windows in vans to produce Estate cars and utility vehicles for Ford, Morris and other manufacturers. But it was their work with Bedford vehicles, and especially the Bedford CA Van with beds and cookers in that created the 'Dormobile' name as a brand for Martin Walter. The Dormobile business boomed through the 1950s, 60s and 1970s but changes in the market saw a decline and the last Dormobile was built in 1984, and the company ended in 1994. The Dormobile name now exists as new company that remanufactures some of the Dormobile components.
aa_Bedford HA Roma II 1969 Dormobile badge
Bedford HA Roma II 1969 by Dormobile - badge on wing
Austin-Morris J4 Camper 1972 front
Austin-Morris J4 1972. Camper conversion by Dormobile
Bedford CA MkI front Dormobile
Bedford CA MkI Dormobile, Martin Walter almost invented the MPV by making "family friendly" conversions of British Vans. Adding beds and cookers to the vans was the next step and the 'Dormobile' was invented (and became the name for Martin Walter).
Bedford CA MkIb front Dormobile
Bedford CA MkIb Dormobile. In 1958 the Bedford CA was lrevised with a one-piece windscreen and changed grille.
Bedford CA MkIb front Romany 1960
Bedford CA MkIb Romany. This early Dormobile Romany does not have the vestigal wings which later Romanies sprouted
Bedford CA MkIb front Romany 1964
Bedford CA MkIb Romany. The Romany by Dormobile was one of the company's most succesful camper van conversions on the Bedford CA
Bedford CA MkIb front Utilabrake
Bedford CA MkIb Utilabrake. Another conversion by Martin Walter (Dormobile) on a long wheelbase Bedford CA. Unlike the Workobus, the seats in the Utilabrake face forward and are cushioned.
Bedford CA MkIb front Workobus
Bedford CA MkIb Workobus. Martin Walter (Dormobile) provided a Workobus conversion to the CA Van, giving it side windows and wooden bench seating along the sides in the rear of the vehicle. This is a short wheelbase van.
Bedford CA MkII front Debonair
Bedford CA MkII Dormobile Debonair. Based on the large windscreen 1964 revision, the Debonair was a coachbuilt motorhome on the CA chassis
Bedford CA MkII front Dormobile Ambulance
Bedford CA MkII Dormobile Ambulance
Bedford HA Roma 1968 by Dormobile front
Bedford HA Roma 1968 by Dormobile. This an early Bedford Ha with 41hp engine and the 3-berth Roma conversion was by Dormobile
Bedford HA Roma II 1969 by Dormobile rear
Bedford HA Roma II 1968 by Dormobile. Bedford HA van with Roma conversion by Dormobile. On this model the rear door folds down to give extra space for the bed
Bedford HA Roma II 1969 by Dormobile rear2
Bedford HA Roma II 1968 by Dormobile. Bedford HA van with Roma conversion by Dormobile. The roof tips up to give standing room within the van for cooking
Commer PB Dormobile Coaster 1970
Commer PB Dormobile Coaster 1970
Ford Transit Dormobile 1966 Camper
Ford Transit Dormobile Camper Van by Martin Walter 1966
Ford Transit Dormobile 1968 Freeway
Ford Transit Dormobile 1968 Freeway. Coachwork by Martin Walter 'Dormobile'
s_Bedford Beagle HA side
Bedford Beagle HA. The Martin Walter conversion of the Bedford HA Van into an Estate car was quite a simple one, with glazed sides and seating.
Volkswagen Caravanette 1968 front
Volkswagen Caravanette 1968. The 'T2' or 'Bay window' replaced the earlier 'T1' Vw Transporters in 1967, and until 1971 had low-mounted indicator lamps. This Camper has a Dormobile conversion.
Bedford CA Van.
Bedford HA Van
Commer FC, PA, PB, Spacevan
Ford Transit 1965-86
Martin Walter Ltd
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